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Volume 13, Issue 9 November 17, 2017


Dear %$firstname$%,

Time continues to truck along doesn't it?! It's now solidly into the winter season here on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

All of my fall SHIFT-IT School classes are ticking nicely along (Fundamentals of Working Visually, Practical Energy Work 1 and Practical Energy Work 2). Great cohorts with good diversity of backgrounds, industries and regions. I'm really enjoying the interactions and progress and thank you for your participation!

I'm also busy with plenty of one-to-one coaching and mentoring on a variety of topics: visual skills, business development, team creation, brand/identity, offerings, energy alignment, and lots of deliciously deep inner work on bugaboos that are interfering with what my clients say they want.

In addition to all that, I'm a participant in someone else's niche as I learn a new modality - Jane Peterson's Systemic Constellation Certification.

Early Snow: I'm Headed South Dang It

Nugget on Constellation Facilitator Role

I'm really pleased with the caliber of Jane's knowledge and with the people she's attracted. A good mix of therapists, coaches, organizational development folks, etc. Its early days, but some of the constellation work is already making its way into my practice. Very congruent with methods I already possess. And it's a nice change to just kick back and be a student rather than having to run things!

A common denominator in all of the various work I do is that I'm skilled at using not only my Left Brain but also my Right. Every human being taps into both, however, some of us are more aware and practiced at it than others. Given this, I thought an article on 'clair abilities' might be of interest to my eZine readers.

I have found that Process Professionals, even if you aren't consciously aware of it, often receive messages and helpful information from your Right Brain. However, you often need a little help in recognizing these communications given they come in the language of signs, symbols and feelings. So, here's a little info on how that all works as well as a simple little test to help you pin point your own clair preferences.

Yours in SHIFTing IT,
Christina Merkley, the SHIFT-IT Coach and Visual Mentor

The SHIFT-IT Coach
& Process Skills Mentor

In Your Words: Clairaudient Kendra Jonas Gets Support To Come Out Of The Spiritual Closet

I've Been Pleasantly Delighted With How Open Minded And Curious Most Have Been And By The New People I'm Attracting.

Dr. Rita Smith - Certified Visual Coach
Kendra Jonas
Author and 5D Channel

"After the publication of my channeled book The Link, I knew my next step was to build a more public business around my clairaudient abilities. However, I was crippled with fear of being more known for my spiritual gifts and leaving my web developer career which had provided well for my family. After becoming ill and having a near death experience, I knew I had to make this shift. Change can be frightening, so my Guide, Melody, led me to Christina for her specialized help.

Even though I channel a very conscious being, my 3D personality self was worried about my transition. Christina's SHIFT-IT System and Business Essentials for Process Professionals allowed my Left Brain to more deeply understand and accept what my Right Brain was doing. She helped me identify and heal trauma about 'being different' and 'being seen' that was standing in my way.

I'm online now, selling my book, private Melody consults and my orgonite jewelry. Yes, some people who know me through my prior career have been surprised by this turn of events. However, I've been pleasantly delighted with how open minded and curious most have been and by the new people I'm attracting. I enjoy seeing people benefit from the 5th Dimensional perspective. Melody and another Guide have me busily channeling more information, so more is materializing. Step by step.

Thank you Christina for your support and encouragement. I'm excited by the changes that are taking place. You are a channel too ... delivering messages and energy your way."

Kendra Jonas
Author and 5D Channel
Woodburn, Oregon, U.S.A.

SHIFT-IT School: Classes, Products & Mentoring

New Year Sale

For First Timers and Repeaters
Supportive International Coaching Group Using Visual Tools

Get clarity and change in your work and life. Left-Brain strategic planning coupled with Right-Brain energy alignment - all in my innovative 'Visual Coaching' style.

Great for shifting dissatisfaction in work, abundance, relationship, body, geography and other stuck areas.

Two Options: either join us for the online course conducted via live webinars (offered just once a year) or complete on your own via home study kit.

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Visual Skills for Process Work with Groups and Individuals

For Process Professionals who work with groups or individuals - managers, consultants, trainers, teachers, facilitators, therapists, coaches, scribes and others. Over 87% of your clients are Visual Thinkers so it only makes logical sense to work in ways that best reach them. This professional skills training thoroughly covers the four main ways of working visually: Studio Work, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching. Attracts participants from across the globe.

Three Options: online, in-person or via handy home study kit.

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Learn at Your Own Pace From
Your Own Environment

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Note: Pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification. FYI, Repeater Option available on Feb. class for those who have taken before and want to repeat as a guest (write us for coupon code).

Advanced Inner Work Mastermind:

Emotional and vibrational management. For graduates of Practical Energy Work 1. An advanced 12-session container for ongoing Inner Work: AlphaMind, Orphan Rescues, Focus Wheels, Melody Consults, Energy Work, etc. Walk your vibrational talk in this international online cohort. By doing your Inner Work you do your piece in planetary transformation.

12 Weeks Online: Saturdays, March 31 - June 30, 2018
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Pre-requisite: Practical Energy Work.

For Process Professionals Who Work With Individuals:

Visual Coach CertificationFor coaches, counselors, therapists and others who work deeply with individuals. Add the power and innovation of Visual Coaching to your professional practice. Includes advanced Visual Coaching techniques, use of my SHIFT-IT System® with your clientele (30 Visual Maps), guidance in the 'template-izing' of your own intellectual property, plus marketing and biz development support.

The Niche Within The Visual Niche
10-Weeks Online: April 3 - Dec. 31 2018
Tuesdays Noon-1:30 pm Pacific

Full Details and Application Process

Two Pre-requisites: SHIFT-IT Online and Fundamentals of Working Visually (or equivalent experience).

Advanced Visual Mentorship:

Getting your visual basics is half the equation - the other is competency and creation of a viable practice (whether you are internal or independent). This 2-day Boot Camp takes your visual practice to the next level: chock full of at-the-wall drills, project brainstorming (bring work for feedback and ideas), and identity/brand/financial coaching. Work your brain, your fingers and dissolve your resistance, all in deep community with Visual Practitioners.

2 Day Intensive: June 4-5, 2018
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Full Details and Online Registration

Note: Pre-requisite is Fundamentals of Working Visually (or equivalent experience). Each Magic Marker Retreat is a unique experience, come as many times as you like for continued inspiration and development!

For Visual Skills Grads

Visual Coach CertificationThe Working Visually eCommunity supports you to further hone your outer work in Visual Skills and Business Building. As becoming a decent Visual Practitioner is all about practice, practice, practice and mileage, mileage, mileage. And getting suave about marketing, sales and the business side.

This eCommunity is a free perk for those who have taken my more Left-Brain programs: Fundamentals of Working Visually, Magic Marker Retreats, Visual Coach Certification and/or Business Essentials for Process Professionals. To keep going in community with like-minded people from across the globe. It includes Drop-in Monthly Webinars, Video Recording Library and 24/7 Forum.

Dates for upcoming webinars:

Thursday Dec. 21, 11am pacific

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Thursday Feb. 15, 11am pacific
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Thursday May 17, 11am pacific
Thursday June 21, 11am pacific
Thursday July 19, 11am pacific

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Draw Your Vision and Erase Your Resistance

Visual Coach CertificationThe SHIFT-IT eCommunity supports you to further your Inner Work in personal visioning, planning and energy alignment. I can teach you Outer Work skills until the cows come home, but if you have an internal conflict that interferes, you will never get movement. For some, Outer Work learning must be complimented with Inner Work resolution.

This eCommunity a free perk for those who have done my more Right-Brain courses: SHIFT-IT, Practical Energy Work 1 or Practical Energy Work 2 (or my Thrive and THEO Accelerator co-programs back in the day). To keep going in community with like-minded people from across the globe. It includes Drop-in Monthly Webinars, Video Recording Library and 24/7 Forum

Dates for upcoming webinars:

Sunday, Dec. 3, 11-12:30

Saturday, Jan. 6, 10-11:30
Sunday, Feb. 4, 11-12:30
Saturday, March 3, 1-2:30
Saturday, April 7, 10-11:30
Saturday, May 5, 10-11:30
Saturday, June 9, 10-11:30
Saturday, July 7, 11-12:30

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In my Practical Energy Work courses I work with various kinds of Process Professionals, to help them more effectively tap into their intuitive Right Brain ... where A LOT of inspiration, creativity and wisdom resides. Being able to access their intuition quickly and smoothly helps them to operate more efficiently in their work and life.

Our modern, go-go-go world tends to be very Left-Brain centric (logical, rational, linear, structured, masculine, etc.). The Right Brain unfortunately tends to get overlooked or even denigrated (emotional, spiral, intuitive, flow, feminine, etc.). Even though it's always there humming along in the background, for those with senses to pick up on its helpful signals.


Process Professionals are an interesting bunch. In my experience, we tend to be pretty 'whole brained' even if we aren't fully aware of what we are instinctively doing. In order to effectively work with groups and individuals, we manage both the logical AND the intuitive sides of ourselves and our clients.

We logically contract for and design a structure before we begin work with our clients. And, when we execute that structure we also have to intuitively be 'in the now' and 'go with the flow'. A successful Process Professional is good at structure AND flow and responds to what is showing up with their clients, even the unexpected. And has learned to use "spidey senses" to figure out what is going on and how to effectively respond.

Your Spidey Senses: Otherwise Known as "The Clairs"
Our Left-Brains deal in the literal physical matter world. Our Right-Brains deal in the symbolic subtle energy world. The bridge between the physical and subtle is in our intuitive senses, which piggy back off of our physical senses: see, hear, feel, smell, touch, taste ... and know.

The subtle world speaks in its own language. It speaks in symbols, signs, synchronicities, hunches and feelings. Anyone, with some education and practice, can strengthen your ability to sense and receive the signals your Right Brain is sending.

Another way to conceptually think of the Right Brain is to think of it as your Subconscious Mind (which is in turn tapped into the Collective Unconscious ... the all that is). Your subconscious picks up on everything, however it conveys via a figurative language while the Left Brain is literal (the Left Brain is a little dense and needs things spelled out for it!).

Quiet Down and Learn to Receive Subtle Input:
The term 'subtle' is used to describe messages from the sub conscious for a reason ... it's not loud and in your face, instead it's often very quiet, soft and poking around the periphery.

We usually need to slow and quiet ourselves down in order to pick up on subtle communications. We need to soothe our frantic sympathetic nervous system in order to engage with our calmer parasympathetic side. Subtle signals can't get through when we are running around in high beta frequency. We need to calm ourselves in order to enter alpha states and beyond. Sometimes people are shocked to find out that they have been receiving communication from their Right Brain (and all that the Right Brain is tapped into) all along, but they never realized those soft, subtle signals were something to pay attention to!

Definitions on the Main Clair Abilities: Which Do You Favor?
Below are the main 'clair' abilities ... the channels through which human beings receive subtle information. Some people are unusually ...


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Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach &
Process Skills Mentor

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