Learning & Development Consultant Christy Gharbo Adds Real Time Visuals To Her Practice

Christy Gharbo
Learning & Development Consultant and Visual Practitioner

Gained Invaluable Knowledge And Skills AND The Confidence to Draw and Visually Represent Idea Real Time in Front of Clients.

“Early in my corporate career I realized the visual aspects of my work brought me the most joy and fulfillment AND allowed me to be more effective.  Whether I was designing instruction, developing e-learning, facilitating leadership development, or leading a learning and development team, I found a way to incorporate visuals into my work. I often found (put) myself at the intersection of instructional design, graphic design, and information design.

When I started my consulting business I knew I wanted (and needed) visual work to be a part of my offerings. I actually wanted visual work to BE my work, but I had no idea how to make that happen. Though I enjoyed my work and was grateful for my clients and my success, I continued to feel a tug that there was more I could do visually.

I’ll never forget the day I came across the term “Visual Practitioner” and learned there is an entire field dedicated to these skills. That same day, I discovered Christina’s Fundamentals of Working Visually and was immediately intrigued. It took me 1.5 years to give myself the gift of her incredible professional development, but it was well worth the wait and the investment.

I had always worked in Adobe Illustrator or other graphics programs – not by hand (on paper or using a digitizing tablet) – and generally not in person. My goal was to decrease my dependence on my computer and increase my ability to create hand-drawn visuals – either in my office or in real time with my clients.

Over her 3 month online course she helped me achieve that goal and so much more! I gained invaluable knowledge, skills AND the confidence to draw and visually represent real time ideas in front of my clients. What was most powerful – and completely unexpected – was the impact of the inner work Christina orchestrated within me.  I visualized my Future Visual Self, uncovered hidden resistance and shifted my thinking … in short order manifesting new visual projects and clients.

Christina is a wonderful Teacher, Coach, and Mentor. I now engage her for monthly coaching sessions with her and and am using her Business Essentials for Process Professionals to take my growing visual business to the next level.”

Christy Gharbo
Learning & Development Consultant and Visual Practitioner
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina USA

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