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Volume 12, Issue 4, February 12, 2016


The spring semester here at SHIFT-IT School is starting to activate.

Last week SHIFT-IT Online, the 7-week Visual Coaching Cohort began. You may still join us if you'd like to get in on this unique personal growth experience (2nd webinar is tomorrow).


And, right around the corner, on Feb. 22nd the online version of Fundamentals of Working Visually kicks off.

We have a very international cohort forming from United States, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Kenya (just 3 spots left).

There will be four more courses after that, until I wrap this semester at the end of June.

Two eCommunities with Monthly Drop-In Webinars:
FYI, for those of you in our Working Visually eCommunity, I will resume our monthly drop-in webinars shortly (announcement to you coming soon). And will also be creating a new SHIFT-IT eCommunity for grads of my personal growth programs, with its own drop-in monthly webinar too.

Intergrated Membership Site for Classes:

We are in the process of moving the live classes over to the new SHIFT-IT School site to create an integrated membership system - so if you attend multiple classes or Kits they are all in one central place.

It's been a slow and steady process to bring this next level of organization into being. I give big thanks to Theresa, Pat and Jessica who have worked diligently behind the scenes on site architecture, access and content. And for their emotional support and encouragement over all these years.

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As for this issue's article ... since we've just kicked off SHIFT-IT Online and the 2016 Visual Coach Certification is coming up, I've decided to write on why using visuals with coaching and personal reflection is so powerful.

This article is in honor of my SHIFT-IT clients, who have allowed me to literally draw their thoughts and feelings out of them. And given me the gift of witnessing their personal and professional manifestations. Thank you ... you have taught me so much about what human beings are capable of! And given me profound optimism that our world at large is in the process of shifting for the better too!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,
Christina Merkley, the SHIFT-IT Coach and Visual Mentor

The SHIFT-IT Coach
& Process Skills Mentor

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Get Clarity & Change in Work and/or Life:

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Ready to get what you want?! My signature coaching group - gets you what you next want in your personal and/or professional life. You develop a crystal clear vision, unravel your resistance ... and rapidly SHIFT your world. Real-world strategic planning coupled with leading-edge energy alignment --- all in my innovative 'Visual Coaching' style. Join this supportive community with other like-minded SHIFTers from across the globe. The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit® with 17 visual maps is included, plus handy Repeater Option for those joining us for your next round of manifestation!

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2nd Webinar is Tomorrow!

7 Weeks Online: Feb. 6 - Mar. 19, 2016
Live Webinars: Saturdays, 10-11:30 a.m. Pacific

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Note: Pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification. FYI, Repeater Option available for those who have taken before and want to repeat as a guest (write us for coupon code).

For Beginners Or Repeaters:
Visual Skills for Process Work with Groups and Individuals

This professional skills training (fully online) thoroughly covers the four main ways of working visually: Studio Work, Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Coaching. Over 87% of your consulting, facilitation, training, teaching and coaching clients are Visual Thinkers - these powerful visual skills boost the effectiveness of how you work with groups and/or individuals. This is the online version of my popular fundamentals training (no travel required). Attracts folks from across the English-speaking world - your Visual Tribe! Fully recorded, if you miss classes or want to watch at a time more convenient for you.

Just 20 3 Spots Left
9 Weeks Online: Feb. 22 - Apr. 27, 2016
Live Webinars: Mondays & Wednesdays, noon-1pm Pacific

Just 20 15 Spots Left
3 Day Intensive: June 2-4, 2016
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Note: Pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification. FYI, Repeater Option available on Feb. class for those who have taken before and want to repeat as a guest (write us for coupon code).

For Process Professionals Who Work With Individuals:

10-Weeks Online: April 5 - June 14, 2016
Tuesdays Noon-1:30 pm Pacific

For coaches, counselors, therapists and others who work deeply with individuals. Add the power and innovation of Visual Coaching to your professional practice. Includes advanced Visual Coaching techniques, use of my SHIFT-IT System® with your clientele (17 visual maps), guidance in the 'template-izing' of your own intellectual property, plus marketing and biz development support.

Available Separately or as
3-Course Combo: Apply Now

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Visual Coach Certification

Two Pre-requisites: SHIFT-IT Online and Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals (or equivalent experience).

For Visual Keeners:

Getting your visual basics is half the equation - the other is competency and creation of a viable practice (whether you are internal or independent). This 2-day Boot Camp takes your visual practice to the next level: chock full of at-the-wall drills, project brainstorming (bring work for feedback and ideas), and identity/brand/financial coaching. Work your brain, your fingers and dissolve your resistance, all in deep community with Visual Practitioners.

Just 7 4 Spots Left
2 Day Intensive: June 6-7, 2016
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Full Details and Online Registration

Note: Pre-requisite is Fundamentals of Working Visually (or equivalent experience). Each Magic Marker Retreat is a unique experience, come as many times as you like for continued inspiration and development!



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I've been using visual techniques with coaching and personal growth since the mid-1990s. And now more and more of my process colleagues are waking up to the power of using these methods with their own clientele.

One gal in my current SHIFT-IT Online program, who works for the federal government in her country and is also a coach, called the visual approach her 'secret sauce'.

I agree with her, although it's not so secret anymore!

Good Process Design Is Key:
Before I share thoughts about why working visually with individuals works, I first need to give a shout out to 'good process design'. The reason this method works is not just because of visuals per se, it's because of visuals being properly integrated into an effective, underlying process. Whether you are doing just one exercise with your client or that exercise is embedded in a larger flow.

To be blunt about it, if your process underneath sucks (i.e. you aren't clear about what you are doing with your client, why, and where it is heading) then using attractive visuals isn't going to help you. In fact, using visuals with a poorly designed process can just make your lack of design more apparent.

In my visual skills courses, I'm constantly driving home that process must come first ... then you use visuals (and other methods) in ...


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Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach &
Process Skills Mentor

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