SHIFT-IT Coach, EzineVolume 16, Issue 1, August 17, 2020


Hope you are doing ok through the tumultuousness of 2020.

I've been trying to write an eZine for months now. Just when I think I have it, the world shifts again and makes what I wrote obsolete. We do not live in boring times!

Local Conditions:
Here on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, we are executing a 4 phase restart plan, of which we are currently in stage 3. Dr. Bonnie Henry our province's Chief Medical Officer has become a beloved heroine for the region due to her 'be kind, be calm and be safe' messaging.

Local Conditions in Victoria BC

Impacts on my SHIFT-IT School:
All of my public in-person trainings are cancelled and remain so for the foreseeable future. There is currently one exception. Unless circumstances downgrade, I can host private in-person trainings and visual coaching retreats for Canadians residents (or those who have passed quarantine measures from abroad).

SHIFT-IT SchoolThese one-to-one offerings are held at my studio in the Metchosin Art and Cultural Centre (an hour outside of Victoria). Social distancing and other practical measures are in effect.

When the pandemic hit I had several online courses scheduled which went ahead as planned, including my divinely timed Shift Into Digital Work (Home Study Kit coming).

My thanks goes out to the participants in the winter/spring semester and to my co-hosts. That was certainly an interesting experience being a consistent touchpoint during an unfolding global pandemic. I appreciate the bonds that flourished as a result. I get teary just thinking of you!

More Home Study Kits
8 Home Study Kits

More Home Study Kits and Upcoming Online Courses:
My team and I are in the midst of adding 3 more Home Study Kits to the 5 Kits I already offer. We'll have them ready soon for those who want to pursue professional and personal development during these unfolding times.

Two online courses are coming up: a SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Retreat on August 28-30. And the fall offering of Visual Coach Certification begins September 22nd (just 1 spot left).

I'm also in the midst of creating some 6 Month Support Groups --- to take us through into 2021.

Continued Free 2020 Support:
I repurposed my Working Visually eCommunity and SHIFT-IT eCommunity in order to provide free 2020 support to anyone (not just my grads) in both a group and individual format.

Some of the most meaningful work of my life is occurring in these two new containers. They are hairy, provocative, rich, deep, exhilarating, and amazing. Feels like I'll continue these offerings for the foreseeable future. More on them in the article below.

Inner Guidance Says --- Move to Spirit Bay:
When my inner guidance signals I listen to it. I shifted most of my work online years ago - something many are now being required to do.

To counter the increased time spent with electronics, I moved to increasingly more rural settings. Nature works as a necessary balancing agent to being plugged in so much.

During the pandemic I got the inner message to move closer to the ocean and create a garden. Following that nudge, in May I moved to a community called Spirit Bay, ten minutes down Rocky Point from my studio.

Spirit Bay

This special community adjacent to Beecher Bay Marina is a joint venture of the Scia'new Nation. There is a community garden, absolutely spectacular views of the Salish Sea and roaming wild life ... including a big ol' bear that I walked into at dusk one evening (that was a little freaky, whoa!).

This natural backdrop grounds and nurtures me as the intensity and intimacy of what I facilitate increases exponentially.

What Will the Future Bring?
I have a feeling that 2020 isn't done blowing our socks off. Feels like we are in store for more turbulence. It'll likely get worse before it gets better, at least in some regions. Pain is often part of change processes.

I don't have a crystal ball. I do know we are all co-creating our collective experience through what we choose to be and do.

I also know that I will do my human best to be of assistance during these transitional times. As I know you, my fellow Process Colleagues, will too ... from where you are planted in the world.

solidarityIn solidarity as we shift individually and collectively. Hang in there. This is why we came. You can do it! You can be it! Keep going.

Remember that pressure is just a natural part of the journey in becoming a diamond!

Yours in SHIFTing IT,,


Christy Gharbo on Visual Coach Certification


Christy Gharbo, Visual Coach CertificationUsing visual processes and tools, I help others see through the clutter, make sense of ideas and information, uncover the possibilities, and take action.

After 20 years in corporate learning & development, I found the field of Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation and began to learn via Christina's beginner and advanced courses.

Wanting to enhance my visual work with individuals, I was drawn to Christina's SHIFT-IT and Certified Visual Coach programs. What amazing experiences!

My favourite part of Visual Coaching is helping individuals gain clarity.

Once a client has clarity, she can see the big picture, make informed decisions, solve problems, and take action to achieve her goals.

My clients already have the answers they're seeking, they just can't see them. My role is to help them SEE through the clutter, lift the fog, and find their answers. I love it when a client steps back from a map and says, "Oh, I see it so clearly now."

Christy Gharbo
Graphic Facilitator & Certified Visual Coach®
North Carolina, USA


First Timers And Repeaters
Draw Out Your Inner Wisdom

An uncertain fall and winter are before us. I'm guided to schedule this special Online SHIFT-IT Intensive as summer wraps in North America. Give yourself the gift of deep contemplation. Who are you? What is your place? How do you serve? Join in for these 3 special days with colleagues from across the globe. Ground and stabilize yourself ... in order to do the same for others. With powerful Visual Tools to preserve your Inner Wisdom.

Two Options: Online Intensive or Home Study Kit

Pandemic Specials
August 28-30, 2020



Available At Any Time

Process at Your Own Pace From Your Own Environment


Note: Pre-requisite for Visual Coach Certification. FYI, Repeater Option available for those who have taken before and want to repeat (write us for coupon code).

Work Visually with Individuals
Innovative Skills For Your Process Toolkit

Visual Coach Certification

Welcome to the niche within the visual niche: Visual Process Work with Individuals. For managers, coaches, counselors, therapists, HR professionals, financial advisors, mediators, disability specialists, teachers and more. Add the power and charm of Visual Coaching to your toolkit. Includes 40 Visual Tools plus diverse cohort of colleagues from across the world. Together we SHIFT-IT!

1 Spot Left - Act Fast!

Live Webinars: Sept. 22, 2020 – Feb. 9, 2021


Note: Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Working Visually And SHIFT-IT Online.

At Your Finger Tips:
Instant Online Access
Visual Coach Certification

Learn from your own environment at your own pace. Deluxe level includes private coaching with Christina for live interaction and feedback. 5 topics to choose from with 3 more coming soon!



Update on Visual Coaching and Conscious Inquiry

OMG, what a year this has been already!

update on visual coaching and conscious inquiryFor my July birthday last year, I had a session with a seer. She said if we talked in a year we would be astounded by how much had happened ... she was right.

She also said that she cried upon tapping into my energy prior to our call, as I apparently was the first person she had encountered in her clientele who had 'made it through to the new world'. That I gave her hope.

Flash forward a year later ... I'm reluctant to say "I've arrived" when uncertainty looms everywhere, for me as well.

However, all of the turmoil of 2020 has brought clarity about what is most important to me and how I want to spend my time.

Doing Visual Coaching and my emerging Conscious Inquiry work. God/dess willing of course!

The Indian Sabbatical That Never Was:
I've been writing '2020' in the center of company and individual visions for decades. So as the big year approached, I arranged my schedule so I could take some time off.

India SabbaticalSpecifically I booked March-June off to take a sabbatical to India to work with a recommended kundalini teacher (I've been in a kundalini process since 2009 and wanted her help with it).

You know that adage if you want to make God laugh then tell him/her your plans?! Well, I had one of those experiences.

The kundalini teacher, who had been very responsive, suddenly stopped returning my emails. And with nowhere to go, I had to cancel the trip.

At the time, I was frustrated. I was left with a big dent in my schedule. So I filled it with a few new courses, including Shift Into Digital Work (my how divine that timing would turn out to be!).

Then the pandemic swept through North American in March. Same timing as when I would have been in India. Thank goodness I didn't go (no offence India). Just like when 911 hit New York in 2001, I had been diverted from being somewhere that probably wouldn't have been in my best interest.

And, I had been placed exactly where I needed to be ... able to provide mental and emotional support for my students and beyond.

Process Popups Are Born:
Due to India, I had intended to put my Working Visually eCommunity on hold. However I had one last webinar to host on March 12th, the week the pandemic hit. And that webinar turned out to be the first of what would become the Process PopUps — a new free series to help folks deal with 2020.

Process PopupThat first PopUp Webinar was an incredible experience. I opened it up beyond my grads to the fuller GR/GF community and we had a big turnout.

Back then we didn't know what the heck was happening. Meetings and events were shutting down left, right and center. Each day major announcements were being made. Tensions were high. Fear was palpable.

It felt so good to be able to offer support and processing via my Visual Maps in the midst of such gigantic changes.

Little did I know that four months later I would still be offering Process Popups every 7-10 days and will be for the foreseeable future. Feels important to continue to offer a through line through our upcoming fall and winter.

We've had 17 Pop Ups so far. Attendance has found its flow as people drop in when their schedules allow and new members find us. All is recorded and shared here and on my YouTube channel.

SHIFT-IT Coach YouTubeChannel

Drop on by to get in on the community and support. We are meeting this crazy year as it unfolds, step by step.

Free Recorded Sessions:
I've also been gifting Sessions For Individuals, for those who are ok being recorded. Building up a good library of 2020 related topics, going on 30+ sessions now.

Free Recorded Visual Coaching SessionsHas been wonderful to work with old clients and new-to-me folks alike. Interesting how I'm being found and each person's unique circumstances.

The point of recording them is to provide a public service. Parallel processing occurs as you watch people sort through the things that matter most to them.

And people interested in Working Visually are learning about Visual Process Work with Individuals (a lesser-known cousin in the field).

Free Private Coaching Sessions

You can check out the library and book your own session here.

Reduced Pricing on My Private Coaching:
Understandably, not everyone wants their Visual Coaching session shared with the world. I offer Private Sessions too as do my Certified Visual Coaches. I have opted to reduce my regular pricing by 30%. If you have a greater need please let me know.

SHIFT-IT Online Intensive: August 28-30 (all 3 days)
At least once a year I host SHIFT-IT Retreats either in-person or online. I had to cancel Easter's Mexican Retreat and I've held off until now on the online one too.

My guidance is strongly encouraging me to offer a Retreat now at the end of the summer before the fall starts (given all indications are we are in for some turbulence, especially the Americans).

A safe place to do some serious self-reflection to get your ducks in a row.

So on August 28-30, I'm hosting a special SHIFT-IT Online Intensive. Prices are reduced, given all that is going on. I've also added an Accessibility Rate for those suffering financial hardship or reduced currencies.

And as always, past SHIFT-IT attendees (course, kit, or private clients) are welcome to attend as Free Repeaters. Just write my assistant Pat at [email protected] for the code that zeros out the fee.

*** If you have Visual Coach Certification in your sights, this Intensive is a quick way to get one of the two required pre-requisites completed.

Coming Soon: 6 Month Support Groups
I am also receiving guidance to create some Online Private Support Groups through this fall into 2021.

Small intimate groups where we can support one another and how the world changes impact each of our professional and personal lives.

Meditation, central nervous system support, visual processing, and other tools will be woven into these containers. So members have a really supportive and practical place to come to help weather the 2020 shifts.

Visual Coach Certification:
This program is going into its 11th year and I've extended the deal from last year's 10th Anniversary. In it I teach other Process Practitioners how to work visually too and train/license you in my suite of 40+ Visual Coaching Tools.

This program is open to all kinds of practitioners who work with or are responsible for individuals (supervisors, HR folks, coaches, counselors, therapists, financial advisors, mediators, lawyers, disability advocates, etc.).

Despite the pandemic (or perhaps because of it) interest in the 2020 cohort is strong. We currently have just one spot left. So act fast if you want to join us!

Pro Bono Opportunities:
There are a few free Visual Coaching opportunities available.

First off, I am in need of two Pro Bono Test Clients, for two of my Visual-Coaches-in Training who had their exams hijacked by the pandemic. I specifically need people who have a goal yet have split energy about their goal. If this sounds like you, please write my assistant Patricia at [email protected].

Additionally, I want to redo the Case Studies I use in Visual Coach Certification. I need two Pro Bono Clients. The time commitment is 12 hours (spread across several weeks).

My facilitation is free in exchange for the ability to use the recorded sessions as teaching examples. You may use a pseudonym. Ideally, I'm looking for one female and one male client. To be considered please share a bit about yourself and your circumstances to my assistant Patricia at [email protected].

Conscious Inquiry: My Next Frontier
Finally, I'm going to end on what is emerging as the next frontier of my work and life. A funny thing has happened over these last months ... in a way, India has come to me. Or at least what I wanted to accomplish in India has.

As mentioned, I'm in a kundalini process (I'm not special, we all are ultimately in a kundalini process as we return home to source).

Since 2009 I've had to deal with increased prana/chi and intuition running through my system. It's been a journey full of learning, phenomenon, and changes.

My soul put the cart before the horse. The energetics happened without a lot of knowledge about them. So I've sought out different kinds of instruction to help. More recently non-dual or oneness teachings have been very helpful.

Balancing of polarities is showing up regularly now in both me and my clients (light/dark, good/evil, do/be, fast/slow, together/alone, fear/courage, doubt/certainty, anger/peace, guilt/innocence, worthlessness/worthy, victim/victimizer, etc.).

So is witnessing and meeting the flow of consciousness through each of us as unique yet related forms ... given we are all connected (ultimately are one).

Even though my moniker is SHIFT-IT Coach, I'm being taught that the greatest shifts come from meeting what is exactly here, in the moment. When we really do that, consciousness naturally shifts and unfolds itself.

Using visuals with this kind of esoteric work is really an interesting thing. It is a great tool for seeing into oneself and letting consciousness (your greatest ally) guide you to your own answers.

More times than not in the Process Groups and in my coaching of individuals, I'm defaulting to Polarity Work and Conscious Inquiry with my clients. Or to their Future Selves (another way to tap into that higher perspective). Rather than to little ol' me attempting to give answers. As one's own Consciousness is the best Coach ever.

The unfoldment of this newer work has been grace. It's where I've wanted to get to for a long time. Funny how it took a worldwide pandemic to get here.

Or perhaps that's not funny at all. It's often darkest before the dawn as the saying goes. Humanity is going through some tough stuff. However, lots of help is coming through to us if pay attention. It's all around us And within us. We just need to be vulnerable and humble enough to look ...

Thanks for reading and being connected via this long delayed eZine. I appreciate you. What a journey we are all on!

Wishing you and yours the very best during these heightened times. Take good care. Be well. xoxo

Christina Merkley, the SHIFT-IT Coach
© 2020 Christina L. Merkley

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