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Alrighty then.  Since starting this blog I have been wondering how to get larger visuals on it (I am the GRAPHIC coach after all … so it has been driving me nuts to be mostly limited to words on this medium). I just figured out that I can post photos on a Flickr account, and then link those photos to my blog.  So you can actually SEE my photos, instead of the tiny snapshots I’ve only had up until now.

One thing that I wanted you to see, from an ezine a while back, is a photo of the Visual Bio chart I did for one of my clients, speedcopying writing diva, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, Inc.

Lorrie needed a presentation chart that she could use in her big three day workshop and on some of her other speaking engagements, that explained her career path to her mentees and other audience members. So she commissioned me to create one for her. Visual bios are turning into a sweet specialty of mine. Kind of a business / public persona cousin of the Life Map.

Below is a shot of Lorrie’s full chart (which is 4 feet by 15 feet in its original form). Followed by two half shots, so you can see it in more detail. For even closer views, go to my Flickr home page.


LMF Bio 1st half

LMF bio 2nd half

For all you public speakers, workshop leaders, entrepreneurs, etc … sometimes a visual bio chart can come in real handy. Kick off your event, post on your ‘about’ page on your website, etc. Helps communicate your journey in a succinct, clever and original way. Viewers really understand your path and how you got to be doing what you are doing.

working in studioI especially like doing the Visual Bios as most of the folks I provide this speciality chart service for are already coaching clients of mine – or become one after they get exposed to my coaching style via the creation of their Visual Bio.  It a very personal thing to have a Visual Bio created for you.  Through the process you learn a lot about yourself and your story. A real pleasure for me to facilitate that process – and the charts are as unique as the people they are done for.  Each is an original (and they can all be done virtually, so I don’t have to travel beyond the walk down my hall to my studio – my very favorite kind of travel for sure!)).

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