The Power of Forgiveness

Happy New Year! 

Ahhhh.  New years.  My favorite special day of the year.  Frankly I am not a big fan of the Xmas season.  However I just love New Years.  Putting away the past and moving towards the future.  This time of year is just full of possibilities and promise.  And frankly I think that is a good thing. 

As the SHIFT-IT coach, I help people shift off of what they what they dislike and don’t want onto what they do want and do like.  The New Year is a wonderful time to shift your perspective and look at things a bit differently than perhaps you have in the past.

Having had the pleasure and honour of drawing out many, many people’s Life Maps (probably a couple of hundred now, at least) … I have come to appreciate the power of forgiveness.  Of finding a way to let go and reframe things that have occured in the past.  So we can move on into the future carrying a different kind of energy and thought pattern.

Many of us have painful and less than pleasureable things that are behind us.  But we often inadvertently keep beating the drum of those experiences (and keeping them in our present) by what we focus on and how we choose to think and tell our story. 

Finding forgiveness is a very powerful yet sometimes challenging thing to do.  Forgiveness can be a very loaded word and a not very well understood process. 

For myself and for several of my clients lately, forgiveness has been a reoccuring theme and thing to learn more about. 

I’d like to share two resources (well, actually kind of three) that I’ve found helpful if forgiveness is something you are grappling with. 

While its a tough read (and its Christian language/references can be problematic for some), a very good read for interesting and helpful concepts about forgiveness can be found in A Course in Miracles.  In fact, at its root, forgiveness is what this metaphysical classic is all about. 

Given ACIM (as its affectionately called by its devotees), can be a challenging read – you might find more benefit from reading a book instead that translates ACIM into more understandable language and concepts. Gary Renard does just that in his much easier (and much more enjoyable) book called The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk about Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness.  And its follow-up: Your Immortal Reality

And thirdly, I have been following for several years the Radical Forgiveness work of Colin Tipping.  Colin has a wealth of material on the subject on his website, including downloadable forgiveness sheets that you can focus on any particular person, thing, etc that you want to do forgiveness work on.  He is also encouraging some rather interesting and provocative work around the Iraq war, etc called The America Healing Project.  Forgiveness on all sides of the issue.  Dealing a lot with projections of our darker sides (or shadows) – which forgiveness work is really all about.  Healing the inner in order to shift the outer. 

Perhaps 2007 will the year you choose to peel another layer of the forgiveness onion – and reap the benefits of doing so for yourself and your life.  Its a beautifully selfish act. 

Yours in shifting, Christina

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