Chameleon’s 2009 Magnetism Map Vision

Chameleon’s 2009 Magnetism Map Vision

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Facilitated a very inspiring tele-session on Thursday with two powerful Vancouver coaches (Denise and Theresa) who are building a coaching, speaking, facilitation practice for First Nations and relationship systems work called Chameleon Strategies (strategies for creative change). They asked me to guide them through some visioning work on their partnership and create a graphic record of the session (a Visual Vision statement that they can use as a North Star kind of guidance for themselves).  We did a number of different things, culminating down to this draft 1.0 Magnetism Map of a one year Vision for them (a timeframe that felt intuitively right for them rather than going for a further stretch in time). 

Both have been trained via The Coaches Training Institute … same place I received my initial coaching training. They have been through a program at CTI called ORSC: Organizational Relationship and Systems Coaching. Sounds like a great program. Was a pleasure working with the two of them – we had a lot of shared language and concepts (although we name things slightly differently). And a beautiful, inspiring Magnetism Map fell out of our work together. A real pleasure! I enjoyed it so much (and the graphic artifact that we created together), that I’ve gotten their permission to add it to my portfolio and share with you.  Many thanks!

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