Ask Xina: How Can We Support the Launch of Our Business Using LOA

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Hi Christina, We’re in the process of launching our IdeaConnect business and part of what we’re thinking about is our financial budget and potential flow of income. Traditionally people talk about being “conservative” in their estimates (in order to be “realistic”). “Conservative” seems limiting. How might we shift our language to reflect and support our belief in unlimited supply and being in flow? What words or phrases might we consider adopting while supporting our launch of our business?

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Many Thanks, Lynette, Susannah and Linda

Christina’s Answer: Hi Lynette, Susannah and Linda.  Congrats on your launch and thank you for the great question.

Words are definitely a good place to start (however its really about the feelings, so more on that later).    To start, you will want to find the ‘flip’ of conservative. What I call ‘flip it, flip it good’!   Or at least something else that feels better than the limiting sounding and feeling words you are starting with.  Even the word ‘unlimited’ is a bit off as it still has limit in it.  You’ll want to avoid ‘un’ or ‘dis’ words as our sub-conscious minds and the universe will only hear the thing you are trying to avoid.  Its still a focus on what you don’t want rather than on what you truly do.

For me, the opposite of ‘conservative’ would be liberal.  Free.  Open.  Fun.  Spontaneous.  Fluid.  As for realistic. Well, that is a little harder, because you are also dealing with a perception about whether something is possible or not.  You actually need to feel that your venture IS realistic, even if you aren’t coming at it in the boring old staid way.  So I would keep realistic as a word, but you will need to actually align with it.  You will need to believe that it is realistic.  You might not be able to reach that feeling state right away, but the more LOA work and real world action work that you do with your business, the easier it will be for the ‘realistic’ feeling to come.  It will take on shape.

Now, the most important thing isn’t the words.  Its the feeling – the emotional state that the words evoke in you. That is why different words work for different people.  Its not the words really … its what the words make you specifically FEEL underneath, when you use them.

So I invite you three to poke around and find words that make the three of you feel good and excited and optimistic and positive about your launch and your evolving business. To create a Virtual Reality ( a vision in our consulting speak) … that feels awesome to you.  That makes you all excited, happy and tingly.

Tell a new story and tell it so well that you start to feel a different emotional state come over you. Fill it with everything that you want for your business:  fun, prosperity, good service, excellent clientele, success, etc.   I would actually institutionlize this in your partnership.  Create actual time for doing this each week as individuals and as a business partnership. Its the most important and powerful work that you can do.

The more you do this, the more you will be changing and morphing and improving your vibration about your business.  And you will come into the same vibrational frequency as good ideas, actions and all sorts of wonderful synchronicities that match what you have been focusing on.  And your business will move from the non-visible to the visible.  It will match where the BULK of your TRUE feelings about it are. So if you are currently shaky about it, it will evolve shaky.  However if you can find the feeling state of more stability, fun, success and ease, then you will manifest that.  Its an inside game. At least the LOA side of it is.  You also need to do the actions that come to you too!  But I know you are great at that.

I hope that makes sense.  Its a bit of an esoteric answer but you have been tracking my work for a while and I know you are not a beginner with energy and LOA work. So I hope that is helpful to you.  Keep us posted.  I look forward to reading of your continued success and contributions in the world!

~Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach

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