Craft Your Powerful SHIFT-IT Statement

This week my team and I launched a new program at SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. The new program is called SHIFT-IT
and its weekly time is Mondays at 5 pm pacific.

It’s a low-fee weekly program for new and seasoned SHIFTers … a supportive community to learn and effectively apply SHIFT-IT, Law of Attraction and Soul Integration principles to your evolving journey.

Given the amount of group and training programs I’m now leading, the nature of how I work has to change — I just don’t have the bandwidth I used to, to do private one-to-one coaching, even though I LOVE IT. This program enables people who are not in my higher end mastermind, The Biz & Life Accelerator (launching soon), and even those who are – a fun and affordable way to have ongoing access to me for one-to-one attention and SHIFT-IT intervention.

Plus, given the community nature of this forum, you also receive the precious experience of listening to others be coached and witnessing their evolutionary journey.

For years, I have had the deep privilege of being allowed to witness my clients’ amazing emotional and vibrational work. I have often wished that others with similar themes and circumstances could have overheard the private work we just did— as it would be so helpful (not to mention efficient!).

First, to see that they aren’t alone, weird or unusual (unfortunately a condition that can plague some of us) and secondly, to piggy back off the insights, ahhas and breakthroughs that happened.

A Helpful New Protocol:

In order to coach as many people as possible on the SHIFT-IT Central calls, I’ve created a “SHIFT-IT Statement” protocol – to help clients summarize and direct their SHIFT-IT topic and the results they desire. Law of Attraction is all about where you choose to focus your attention and the results this has. The trick is to place your focus on what you DO WANT — not on what you don’t (although the “don’t” is a starting place and something you don’t want to push at or reject … it’s something you want to make peace with at the same time you are reaching for more). Those of you, who are familiar with these concepts, also know that it’s often easier said than done!

The new protocol, that each person who comes onto SHIFT-IT Central to be coached uses, starts with a simple sentence that declares the area or category that they want their shift in (i.e. work/career/right livelihood, prosperity, environment, relationship, body/weight, family, health, personal growth, fun & recreation, friends, etc.). Then a second succinct sentence that describes the nature of the SHIFT in this area/category that is desired.

SHIFT-IT Statement:

The area/category of my SHIFT is:


My desire is to SHIFT-IT from

__________________________ to


Some Examples:
Here are some examples to put the format in context:

  • The area/category of my SHIFT is work. My desire is to SHIFT-IT from being negative and dissatisfied with my current job to being self-employed doing what I love and being prosperous.
  • The area/category of my SHIFT is physical environment. My desire is to SHIFT-IT from the area I currently live in that I have outgrown to living in a location where I am happily connected with nature and a nice community and have lots of space to have horses and my other interests.
  • The area/category of my SHIFT is my body. My desire is to SHIFT-IT from the extra weight I have been carrying to being back in a body that feels good, sensual, healthy, strong and energetic.
  • The area/category of my SHIFT is relationship. My desire is to SHIFT-IT from a disconnected relationship to a connected, fun, team-feeling where we come home happy to see other and glad we are together.
  • The area/category of my SHIFT is financial. My desire is to SHIFT-IT from the worry and insecurity I often feel about my finances to security, stability and calm. To have financial abundance, prosperity and plenty.

The Statement Is a Good Starting Place:

These statements are a good starting place but they are only the beginning of the true SHIFT-IT work. Through the SHIFT-IT Statement my client’s mind has begun to define and clarify the area they want to focus their SHIFT-IT work on and the result they desire. My job as their SHIFT-IT Coach is to get them to continue to focus (and vibrate as) the shift they desire … through all the various tools in my palette and tricks up my sleeve that I possess (storytelling/vignettes, wouldn’t it be nice ifs, virtual reality, soul integration work, etc.). All the fun stuff that I adore and that is so helpful for SHIFTing clients off of what they don’t want and onto what they do.

What I deeply appreciate and love about the work, especially when done in a group setting, is that different people require different things … so it keeps things fresh. The approach or processes that worked for one person may not work at all for another – in fact they can be almost antagonistic depending on where the person is on the emotional scale. So it keeps me on my toes and tuned into what each particular client needs, on their subject, at that particular juncture in time. My experience, intuition and connection with my own guides and the guides of my client (they are always whispering, nudges or giving me flashes of inspiration about what to do) moves us along — and it’s a total co-creation with the client … as their guidance system is what directs the whole process and ultimately tells us whether we have been successful or not.

For more exposure to these principles and to play with your own SHIFT-IT statements and energetic shifts, drop by SHIFT-IT Central for some great support and community. The first month is totally free … so you can feel out whether this is a vibrational match for you. New members are welcome at any time plus you receive immediate access to the audio library of previous calls and bonus materials. Hear you soon and I look forward to working directly with you and your desired SHIFTs!

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