In Your Words: Sonia Talwar



Sonia Talwar
Organizational Leader

Fundamentals of Working Visually was inspiring, grounded and pragmatic. I really liked the format covering the main ways of working (recording, facilitation and coaching), it worked very well. And I enjoyed the demos and having lots of practice time.

It’s valuable to internalize the skills and to know, from having taken this course, that with practice, I can work visually too.

Initially I heard of Christina via word of mouth, but honestly, when I went to her site I was initially skeptical since it seemed heavily branded and it turned me off a bit (though I realize this is my own stuff, perhaps others feel similar). I registered anyway since I was drawn to her visual work – I found myself pleasantly surprised by her authenticity.

The opportunity to leverage Christina’s experience as a visual entrepreneur has been a gift to myself and my work – long overdue!”

Sonia Talwar
Organizational Leader
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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