March 2019 Working Visually eCommunity

Hosted the March Drop-in Webinar for The Working Visually eCommunity on Thursday March 21st. This is a monthly support group for grads of our visual programs: Fundamentals of Working Visually, Intermediates of Working Visually, Fast & Loose Sketching and Visual Coach Certification.  Visual Practitioners trained elsewhere are also welcome. Emergent Agenda from Members each month.  Fully Recorded. Membership includes Video Archives back to 2015.

This Month’s Agenda Items:

1. How to Build Persuasive Case Studies to Sell Better.

2. Lonely Solo Practitioner: How To Find Rainmakers to Collaborate With and/or Join Existing Change Management Firm

3. New Graphic Recorder: Help With Client Intake Process – W5s of Clear and Successful Contracts and Fulfillment

4. American Marketing Coach Who Works Visually. Coaching: 1:1 vs Groups. Help With His Coaching Sales Funnel. Elite Offer: 12 Members / $50K Each / 12 Months. Inner Alignment.

5. Newer Visual Practitioners. 1 Is Independent. 1 is Internal. How to Go to the Next Level? You Are Creator Of Your Own Reality. Practice. Discipline. Create Structures. Get a Coach. Join a Mastermind. More Training. Keep Going – Nobody Is Going To Do It For You. Participate in Your Own Rescue/Transformation.

6. Graphic Designer / Illustrator Freezes During Live Graphic Recording. How to Be Faster, Looser and Let Go Of Studio Work Expectations. You Ain’t In Your Studio When You Do True GR!

7. Developing My Own I.P. as Change Management Consultant.

8. Just Moved: How To Connect With Practitioners in My Region?

8. Tricky Last Minute and Emergent Design with United Nations Gig. Post Mortem Debrief and Suggestions for Next Time.

The next Working Visually eCommunity is Thursday, April 25, 11am pacific. See you then!

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