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As a pioneering Process Professional Christina Merkley facilitates companies, governmental agencies and not-for-profits, coaches leaders, partners and individuals and is an international trainer and educator.

Her leading-edge “whole brain” work blends her impressive left-brain change management and organizational development background with her right-brain gifts of drawing, energy awareness and intuitive empathship.

With a Masters Degree in Organizational Development & Transformation (ODT), Christina Merkley began her process career in the mid 1990s as a Graphic Recorder with David Sibbet’s Grove Consultants traveling extensively throughout North America and Europe.

In 2001 she launched her independent Graphic Facilitation practice – Make Your Mark, LLC where she honed her process leadership skills in strategic planning and visioning settings working for such notable clients as Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Stanford University, The American Institute of CPAs, BBC, U.S. Department of Energy, The Institute for the Future and The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Christina Merkley’s Visual Bio:

Christina Merkley Visual Biography
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Awakened by the September 11, 2001 events (a series of synchronicities kept her from being in New York that fateful day), Christina Merkley has diligently pursued her soul assignment of integrating the visual methodology into coaching and spirituality – changing her base to lovely Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and creating SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

Christina Merkley, Victoria, BC Canada

Working Online Via Digital Tablet (with JJ overseeing)

Through her SHIFT-IT School, Christina Merkley coaches, trains and mentors clients via her internationally popular SHIFT-IT,  Fundamentals of Working Visually, Magic Marker Retreats, and Visual Coach Certification programs.

She also maintains a robust Coaching and Energy Work Practice and hosts Private Trainings (you come to her) and In-House Workshops (she comes to you).

Christina Merkley’s clairsentient (empath/feel), clairvoyant (see), and claircognizent (know) abilities have greatly expanded due to kundalini rising precipitated by a mysterious visit of light beings in 2009.  As a result she now teaches Practical Energy Work to assist others in the process of spiritual and kundalini awakening.

Christina Merkley and her team welcome your email and phone inquiries here. For assistance to determine which courses, services or products best suit you, simply request a free 30-minute Exploratory Chat.

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