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Spring 2016 | SHIFT-IT Online Public Workshop:
Feb. 6 – March 19, 2016
Weekly Webinars: Saturdays, 10-11:30 am Pacific
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 Dear SHIFTer:
Christina Merkley

Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

My name is Christina Merkley and I’m a long time facilitator, coach and educator. I help people just like you enjoyably SHIFT your work and life for the better.

I’m a pioneer in a method called ‘Visual Coaching’ … using visuals to literally help people draw out their best thinking, feelings and actions (given that over 87% of the population are visual learners).

I work with authentic, determined and open-minded people from across the globe who want to get the most out of their professional and personal lives.

Some of my clients travel to work in person with me in gorgeous Victoria, British Columbia, Canada … however most of my clients  work with me online, either privately or in public workshops, including SHIFT-IT Online.

7-Week Online Event Expertly Facilitated
by Creator of Visual Coach Certification®

Some coaching groups are run by sub-coaches or people who have been trained by the original creator but not SHIFT-IT Online,  Although we now have an international cohort of Certified Visual Coaches® I personally facilitate this online workshop so you get the direct benefit of my unique 20+ years experience as a Visual Facilitator and Coach … who has lead hundreds through this effective system.

With my experienced guidance, you:

Recognize Your Current Crossroads Issues and Understand What Brings You to SHIFT-IT At This Time;

Map Your Life To Date (Make Peace With Your Past And Harvest Your Best Thoughts, Beliefs and Energy To Aid In Forward Motion);

Sort Your Real Desires From The Intentions, Hopes And Desires OTHERS Have Had For You (the difference between your own, true inner voice and the peanut gallery of outside influences);

Create A Compelling, Good-Feeling, Believable Vision To Guide You in the Months, Years and Decades Ahead;

Identify, Soften & Remove Your Internal Blocks, Barriers And Self-Sabotage (To Allow the Unique Success You Deserve);

Align With Right Action and Attract The External Resources You Need To Smoothly And Happily Create Your New World!

How Does It Work?

Let Me Explain SHIFT-IT Online® In Detail…

As an “online” group we meet once a week (for seven weeks) via easy web conference technology … and a handy online forum where we connect between calls.

This wonderful technology allows you to work through the lovely course materials (17 visual maps and full instructions) in the comfort of your own home (no matter where you live!).

As SHIFT-IT is a seven-stage process … we go through one stage a week. On each call, I explain the maps for that week, and demonstrate with volunteers. Then, you complete your own map during the week in-between calls.

I mentioned earlier I am a pioneer in “Visual Coaching”. That means that I use visual techniques to literally draw your answers out of you and reflect them back to you.

In 2003 I had a big breakthrough in the nature of my work. In order to reach more people by working online, I created visual coaching tools called “Merkley Maps”. These tools allow my clients to map out their own answers without having to draw.

It has been my experience that people are a whole lot smarter and more aware about themselves than they initially think they are. You do have your own answers inside of you. My Merkley Maps easily pull your answers out of you.

During SHIFT-IT Online® you complete all 17 of the Merkley Maps in an easy, step-by-step manner over our seven weeks together.


For those of you who like detail, here is a explanation of my SHIFT-IT System and its visual maps. The video below is from Session 1 of a SHIFT-IT Online class. It begins with an overview of the course and my forays into Visual Coaching. At the 30 minute mark the description of the SHIFT-IT Model and maps begins.

The SHIFT-IT name is an acronym: the name is comprised of the first letter of each of the seven stages.


  • Satisfaction Interrupted
  • Harvest Your History
  • Investigate Your Now
  • Focus on Your Future
  • Trouble at the Border
  • Ink It, Don’t Just Think It
  • Take Action

Let me explain a little bit about each stage and what we’ll be doing each week … and show you the visual tools (Merkley Maps) that you’ll be using.

BE REASSURED: don’t let the pictures and visual-nature of the materials concern you — you don’t have to be an artist or literally draw even a stick figure if you don’t want to. The base drawing has already been done for you. All you need to do is add your own personal content as we go. And, if you are an artist or like to doodle, you can do so to your heart’s content too!

Week One:

Usually people are drawn to this work when their general satisfaction has been interrupted in some way. It may be that you have reached one set of goals, and are wondering what is next. Or, you may have hit a life milestone and are re-grouping as a result (sold business, left job, graduation, divorce, kids leaving the house, significant birthday, retirement, etc).

Or you may be frustrated by having not yet reached the potential you inherently feel you have, and are ready to break through. Whatever the reasons, at the first stage of this process, you map the current crossroads you are standing at. The issues that you are currently facing and your desired outcomes for our time together.

Week Two:

The second step of the SHIFT-IT process® is to ‘harvest your history’. Who you are today is a culmination of your experiences, beliefs, and exposures. You are in the midst of your own unique ‘evolutionary’ process. Nothing happens in a vacuum… there is always a larger context that can help you make greater sense of your past and your desired future. This week you visually record your life-to-date. Tracking where you have been to better understand your past, your influences, and how you have created your current reality… with special emphasis on harvesting your beliefs and programming (on the areas you most want to SHIFT). And releasing those that no longer serve you so you can move forward with grace.

Merkley Maps #2-6: The Life Maps

Week Three:

The third week of SHIFT-IT Online® is to ‘investigate your now’. This is an opportunity to view your present reality. To see what is going on for you right now (X marks the spot). How satisfied and dissatisfied you are in the different areas of your life. What do you have going for you (your strengths and skill sets) and what do you most need to learn (your learning and developmental areas). And taking an inventory of the materials, assets and resources that you currently have at your disposal. You are going to need them moving forward!

Merkley Maps #7-8: Focus on Me and the S.E.L.F. Inventory

“Coaching with Christina was truly a life-changing experience. I was stuck at the time and the SHIFT-IT Process helped me to understand what steps to take next so I could move forward and reach my goals. Not only do I still use my maps on an annual basis for my personal and professional planning, I recommend her services and products to my clients all the time because I know they will benefit from such a visual coaching experience. The maps just make the growth so much more concrete and more effective. Thank goodness Christina does what she does!”
– Sheri McConnell, Sheri McConnell Companies, San Antonio, TX
“I was struck by the level of commitment and maturity in the other participants and found myself honored to be in their midst. I also found Christina to be very skilled as both a listener and a problem solver, consistently hitting the mark with her insights. I was amazed at how skeptical I was at first. Soon after starting this work with Christina, that skeptic simply vanished. Poof! This program is so well-ordered, so well-thought out, and so well-prepared, that I am convinced anyone will benefit, on some level, if they commit themselves to do this work.”– Sandra Kooper, Libertyville, Illinois Executive Director of Not for Profit
“I’ve worked with Christina as my mentor and guide in several capacities: Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals, SHIFT-IT Online Group, a 6-month business incubator and now private coaching.Before her, I’d been forever scratching my head about my business and next steps. Frustrated that I couldn’t formulate my ideas well enough to get the pieces together and move forward. Never had time to flesh it out and make it real.Working with her is the best thing I have done for my business success. Guidance not only on an outward level but also the means for me to change my inner mindset … clearing the negative programming that had plagued me for so long. I’ve grown on a spiritual level as a whole person, something other business teachers/coaches have ignored. My development as a shamanic apprentice is encouraged and she’s helped me to see how to incorporate all aspects of me into what I do.I highly recommend working with Christina in any capacity you are called to. Worth every penny I invested!” – Lilia Lee, Online Biz Strategist & Shamanic Apprentice


“Christina has been my Coach and Mentor for several years and I have attended pretty much every program she has ever run. This is the second Mastermind group I have been a member of and as with all Christina’s programs and trainings it delivered huge value on multiple levels. As a developing visual practitioner MMM gave me a hotbed incubator environment to support developing and growing my visual skills, expand into new learning territories such as digital scribing and also benefit hugely from the rich mix of experience and knowledge of the other mastermind participants. As always Christina attracts high calibre, quality students from around the globe and this group was no exception.

Weekly group calls meant maintained and consistent coaching and support plus the ever important element of an in-person retreat gave all of us a super strong springboard from which to bounce from. For me this has resulted in an accelerated expansion of my visual skills as a recorder and enhanced my facilitation processes and also my confidence has soared. As a direct result of being part of MMM I have landed more graphic recording work, seen an increase in the number of referrals and repeat business for my practice and the personal 1-2-1 coaching I have received from Christina has significantly helped me hone and focus my business development and services offered. It is without doubt the most important investment in myself and my business development this year and I have already made back the investment price several times over through increased work I have received. If you want to expand your visual skills, develop your visual business offerings and be mentored by an industry pioneer you can learn from no better mentor than Christina.” – Tamsyn Hawkins, Business consultant and Visual Facilitator, London, UK,

Week Four:

The fourth week of SHIFT-IT Online is to ‘focus on your future’. After analyzing your past and your present circumstances, you are now ready to embrace the future you truly desire. This module is all about proclaiming and stating what you truly want. A chance to dream and dream BIG. You create your own custom Personal Vision which becomes your order form or instructions ‘to the universe’. This vision becomes your North Star. Your magnet. Pulling all of your positive desires towards you.

Maps #9-11: Essential Extracts, Future Self Vision and Magnetism Map

Week Five:

Our fifth week is all about your ‘trouble at the border’. This is a hugely important step – a step that most other strategic planning programs ignore. Whenever you create a Vision, you MUST deal with the resistant energy that arises in opposition to it. Here’s where you get clear on what your natural resistance is to having what you want – to making your vision a reality.

You uncover your blocks, doubts, uncertainties (that Itty Bitty Sh!tty Committee inside your head that doesn’t want you to move out of your stagnant, but comfortable, safety zone). The Trouble at the Border stage is a blockbuster – literally! It gets you aligned and ‘allowing’ your Vision – working with powerful, cutting-edge Law of Attraction and Alchemical processes that are made powerfully simple via the visual approach.

Merkley Maps #12-14: Flip It, Inner Alignment and Archeology of Beliefs

“Christina coached me into clarity, and forward movement, in life and in my business coupled with a new level of understanding of what makes me tick, and how the Universe and I work in synchronicity! Thank you Christina for being so kind and helping me get clear of the things that were in my way…I use your Flip It technique everyday! My business is positively booming now, and I am convinced it would be stalled if we had not worked together. Life is a lot clearer these days, and I have your guidance to thank, you are a truly gifted coach. In Gratitude!”– Viki Viertel, The Business Buddha,
“I was scared when I started the SHIFT-IT Process, not knowing who I was or what to expect. Christina taught me how to discover my true desires and, with one small step at a time, I turned my desires into my future. I am checking off my take action steps and loving the feeling of making it happen for me. The overall experience was amazing. So many people have been asking me what has happened because I am a completely different person. I am a new woman — and so excited about it.”
– Andrea Deyes, Victoria, BC, Events Coordinator, Large Hotel Chain

Week Six:

The sixth week is “Ink It Don’t Just Think It” and it is very powerful. You can’t stop with just thinking about your life. You must create an overarching, holistic plan that is put down on paper. This is the move that pulls all of your thinking into one cohesive picture: Your Big Picture Plan.

Map #15: Big Picture Plan

It bridges the gap between your current reality and the reality that you want to create. It starts organizing you and getting you clear on the next steps you will need to take.

This stage transitions you from the land of dreaming into the LAND OF DOING.

Now you are ready to assume responsibility and start taking aligned and consistent action!

Week Seven:

The final step of this particular journey is “Take Action”. With Law of Attraction (LOA) at work, your Vision is being magnetized as long as you are open and allowing of it. But just because LOA is at work, doesn’t mean you get a completely free ride – you still need to take an active role in your own transformation by following the hunches, intuitions and urges that come to you. Success comes to people who take responsibility for themselves, and actually implement the things they know are their next steps. This final phase of the process gets you down to a detailed, S.M.A.R.T plan (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely). And supports you in doing your steps, via a healthy, supportive, and encouraging environment. And most importantly, it makes you make a very deep commitment and articulation of your intent – to yourself and to the universe at large!

Merkley Maps #16-17: Take Action Plan and Declaration of Intent

Experience the Power of Visual Coaching for Yourself

What makes this process so distinctive and powerful is the combination of inner introspection, and the revolutionary technique called “visual coaching”.

Since its inception, I’ve facilitated SHIFT-IT with hundreds of people. It works! Why should the benefits of visuals, strategic planning and good visioning best practices be reserved just for big business and their big pockets? They shouldn’t! Why should the best practices of coaching and personal growth be without the boosting effects of visual methodology? They shouldn’t! Now you, as an individual can benefit from the best practices of all of these disciplines — having these methods work for you and for your life. Helping you build a more satisfying life for you and yours.

“Christina truly believes in her clients and the entire SHIFT-IT process. She has such a wonderful, positive, confident energy. She is extremely honest and is willing to share her breakthroughs and challenges with refreshing candor. I’ve gone through other coaching programs and always felt that the coaches were more preoccupied with saving time and money more than with my outcome. Christina is very generous with her energy and is very quick to respond to my questions in depth. Since doing SHIFT-IT, I’ve developed original visual curriculum, created my own web site and packaged a global awareness course that is being piloted in NYC public schools this summer! I’m very excited about these energy-raising projects!”– Sabrina Dove,, California

Revealed! SHIFT-IT Is Peppered with Powerful Law of Attraction Principles

With some of the Abraham-Hicks materials I

Back in ’01… when I was still doing visual facilitation work in corporations, I stumbled upon the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and The Teachings of Abraham.

Being in many strategic planning and visioning forums, I was intrigued about why some companies manifested their visions easily while others did anything but. I found my answer in Law of Attraction… and since then I’ve been hooked on this philosophy studying everything I can get my hands on and applying it to my facilitation and coaching practices.

The Law of Attraction can be explained like so…

Our mind/bodies are a broadcasting and receiving station. We are continually sending out and receiving signals – whether we know it or not.

We send signals out (our vibration) by what we habitually put our attention on and how that feels.

We send out positive signals by focusing on things we like and that make us feel good, and with that energy, positive things are attracted right back to us – like attracts like.

However the same principle also applies when we focus on things we don’t like and we really don’t want (we unfortunately get more of the same of those things).

SHIFT-IT is so powerful because it makes your thinking visible – you literally SEE what your habitual thoughts and feelings are (your personal energetic)… and hence how you are creating your reality. Through this program I teach you a discipline of awareness about your thoughts and your focus. I train you to get your focus OFF of the things you don’t want and powerfully ONTO the things that you do. This literally is the secret to manifesting effectively– to getting what you want in life. And it’s a heck of a lot of fun when you get the hang of it!

“How has the last year been for me? It has been a 360 degrees head spin thanks to Christina. A year ago I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go in life, but I didn’t know how to get there. Christina has believed in me since day one. Her SHIFT-IT process made me clarify what my dream really is and helped me figure out that with the correct approach, I could get there. With our coaching calls I have been able to move my dream towards reality, step-by-step. I have never been so excited about where I am headed and am actually enjoying the process of Law of Attraction to get there!”– Matt Ashdown, Ashdown Conditioning & Training and / The Gratitude Dance, Victoria, B.C.
“After coaching with Christina Merkley, all I can say is, ‘Wow!’ If you haven’t noticed, there are coaches EVERYWHERE. It’s not easy to know if they are a good match or not. But because Christina is so entrenched in the Law of Attraction in a very real and human way she was able to reflect and shift my energy unlike I’ve ever experienced before. (And she does while keeping her sense of humor which is one of my key values.) I learned that when you are in emotional alignment, it’s easy to live the life you want. Everything after that just flows… What a freeing experience!”– Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy, Van Nuys, CA



“Christina knows how to translate her program into ideas that make sense even for left-brained types like me. She offers a rare combination of business sense, a keen understanding of the human psyche, and a positive energy that just draws people into her orbit and makes them want to stay there.”– Cathy Goodwin, PhD, Copywriter & Internet Marketer Seattle, WA,


“Before becoming a client of Christina’s I was very much stuck in limiting thought patterns. While working through Christina’s SHIFT-IT program I was able to uncover and heal the one thing that had kept me from stepping into the life that I truly wanted to live. I was able to release years of pain and guilt. This discovery and healing lead me to the path that I am on today. I am in awe of Christina’s soothing yet powerful coaching style. Through her work, Christina continues to challenge me to shift to my next level of success. I believe there are certain people that divinely come into our lives and change the course of our paths. Christina has been that person in my life.” – Brenda Rivas, Online Business Stylist, Founder & CEO, Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs,

Jude SmileyI LAUGHED AT HOW ALL MY PLANS HAVE COME ABOUT … EVEN BETTER THAN I DOODLED THEM!“Dear Christina, We haven’t met yet but … I was clearing out a filing cabinet and found my SHIFT-IT Mini Retreat I did last year. I laughed at how all my plans have come about – even better than I doodled them! And, what I really what to tell you is this – I think you are AWESOME!

I so enjoy watching you and your business grow. See you imaginatively develop programs and expand your value – really step into your SHINE! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Thank you for looking fear in the face and doing it anyway. Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher to so many other amazing women. Thank you!” – Jude Smiley, MBA, Rainmakers Inc & The Shine Group,


My job as your coach is to create a powerful, safe and skilled container for you to do your SHIFT work in – as an adult learning experience, your results will depend on you. I’ve put hundreds of people through my innovative SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process® … and now with my Certified Visual Coaches we are making an impact across the English Speaking world.

What kind of shifts do people make going through this experience – they are as broad and diverse as the people who come. Some people focus on their personal life (improve or end relationships, manifest new ones, get pregnant (I’ve had 10 SHIFT-IT babies so far!), make more friends, etc). Others focus on work (quit jobs, find better ones, leave corporate for independent lifestyle, create right livelihood, make more money & enhance prosperity, attract biz partners, use the internet more effectively to attract and boost client volumes, etc.). Others work on weight and body issues (create ideal body weight, resolve body image issues, enhance sensuality and sexuality, food and exercise balance, etc). Or, some combination of the above.

From the testimonials from past SHIFT-IT clients sprinkled throughout this page and at the bottom, you can see the range of people and SHIFTs that occur through this powerful process. What are the “ITS” you want to SHIFT? Are you ready to SHIFT-IT?! I guarantee, if you follow my program as I outline it, and do your inner and outer work, you will SHIFT-IT. SHIFT-IT gets you there as quick as you allow!

SHIFT-IT Online® is a 7-session series that attracts wonderful people from all over the world.

It is conducted via WebEx Video Conference. Calls are weekly and are 1.5 hours in length. All calls are recorded in case you want to listen again or are unable to make some of the times.

How the Technology Works – it’s simple!:

At the appointed time, you click the WebEx Video Conference link we send you. WebEx allows us to SEE and COMMUNICATE with each other using our computers (you’ll want to have a headset with mic and a video cam). There is also an old fashioned dial-in number in case you are on the road or not able to access us via your computer.

So, that is how we communicate with one another. It’s really cool!

Plus, we’ll also have a private online forum, which allows us to email each other, post photos and maps, and keep our communications going in between calls.


SHIFT-IT Online® is offered twice a year. The next offering is:

February 6 – March 19, 2016
Saturdays, 10-11:30am Pacific
(11-12:30 Mountain, 12-1:30 Central, 1-2:30 Eastern)

On a series of this length it is perfectly natural not to be able to make every single live call. As such, all webinars will be recorded, so you can listen/watch anything you missed and review calls at your leisure.

Time Conversion: To convert 10am pacific (Vancouver/Western Canada zone) to your time zone, see

* Please note: we attract international participants on these calls, from many countries and time zones… therefore calls will be offered at the regular time on any holidays that may occur during our series (if you understandably can’t attend, you will be able to access the recordings).


SHIFT-IT Online is offered twice a year … usually late August/September and early January. If you are reading this page between offerings and would like more immediate assistance, there is a complete SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit available for instant download at any time. You can also inquire with my Online Business Manager about availability for private coaching with me or one of my Certified Visual Coaches:

“Christina facilitates the SHIFT-IT Process with elegance, ease and skill. She has a trained ear and heart that helped me to flip resistance into a positive perspective. What a wonderful way to see the world”Thanks so much Christina! I really appreciate who you are and am very happy to have found you!”– Marianna Dowhaniuk, Change Management / Human Resources,
Community College, Victoria, BC

Yes and no. This SHIFT-IT Online is designed for you as an individual to apply the SHIFT-IT Process and maps on yourself as I guide you through this 7-week program. It is not the Visual Coach Certification® where I train and certify coaches and other helping professionals to use my materials with their own clientele. However, it is a pre-requisite for Certification (either this group or private SHIFT-IT Coaching with me or one of my Certified Visual Coaches® … because I strongly believe that you have to go through SHIFT-IT yourself before you can properly hold that space for others). To learn more about the innovative Visual Coach Certification®, its pre-requisites and application process, please click here.

You’ve already seen a basic overview of SHIFT-IT earlier. Here is a breakdown of our 7 calls and what we will do in each of them:



  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Overview of SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process®
  • Identification of Desired Outcomes and Crossroad Issues
  • Life Wheel / Satisfaction Gauge
  • Preview of Life Mapping

Homework: Focus on Me, Life Maps and Catch & Release


  • Debrief of Life Mapping Work
  • S.E.L.F. Inventories
  • Preview of Visioning Tools

Homework: SELF-Inventory, Essential Extracts


  • Debrief Essential Extracts
  • Guided Imagery: Future Self
  • Preview of Magnetism Map

Homework: Future Self Vision, Magnetism Map and A-H Reading/Listening


  • Debrief Magnetism Map and Art of Allowing Concepts
  • Belief Work: Flip It Good
  • Preview of other Trouble at the Border tools

Homework: Flip It Good, Archeology, Inner Alignment


  • Continuing debrief of Trouble at the Border tools
  • Preview of Action Planning: Big Picture Plan and Take Action
  • Identification of Big Shift Areas

Homework: Big Picture Plan, Take Action Plan


  • Debrief of Take Action work
  • Identification of Immediate Next Steps
  • Q&A: Open Group Discussion and Coaching

Homework: Completion of All Maps. Implementation of Next Steps


  • Debrief and Open Group Discussion
  • Closure Activities / Taking It Forward

Final Map: Declaration of Intent

Again, yes … I am a “Visual Coach” but you don’t have to draw a picture if you don’t want to: I’ve done the general artwork for you. You just need to bring yourself and your own thoughts and feelings. If you are an artist … yippee! You will have a lot of fun adding your own creative embellishments to the basic maps you are provided with.

The amount and depth of your personal self-disclosure is totally up to you. You can attend this SHIFT-IT Online® without sharing anything about your own specifics.

Yes, I will occasionally be working with people in the group calls as demonstrations. But I will only be working with people who are comfortable volunteering (thankfully there are always plenty of extroverts willing to jump right in!). I will also be using myself and my own journey as examples.

The bulk of your work during this event will be done on your own – in-between calls using the SHIFT-IT maps and materials.

You will be given your own SHIFT-IT Map Pack… to record your thoughts, reflections, insights and ahhas in.

After doing this group for years, I find that some people’s initial reluctance to participate publicly dissipates as the group progresses – a very pleasant, safe and enjoyable container is created – with many new friendships being forged.

That said, if you really aren’t a group person, then private coaching with me one of my Certified Visual Coaches® is a better option.


For your SHIFT-IT Online® fee, you receive:

  • 7 (1.5 Hour) WebEx Sessions (Video Conference Technology);
  • ideo and MP3 Recordings of All Sessions;
  • Digital Version of The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit (downloadable 300+ page Manual and full color Map Pack)…
    By the way… if you already own The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit, see instructions further down this page for discount;
  • Access to Private Online Forum – Where We Share Emails, Posts, Resources, Photos, Maps, For Continued Dialogue, Etc;
  • A Community Of Like Minded (and hearted) Friends, Contacts And Associates – Priceless!;

Well, there is the scoop on what you receive, now onto …


Your Three Options to Choose From: Basic, Deluxe and Repeater.

There are three different options to this program, so the fee depends on whether you are new to SHIFT-IT or coming back for another round.

YES, Christina! I am ready to solve my Crossroad Issues and Make a BIG SHIFT in my life!

At The Crossroads

Choose Your Level of Participation:


Includes: 7 Live Webinars, 7 video & MP3 recordings. SHIFT-IT Retreat Kit (2 Digital Downloads: 300+ Manual plus Map Pack: 17 Visual Tools) and Participant Forum.




Includes: The Basic Package PLUS Three Private Coaching Sessions with Christina (45 Minutes Each Via Webex Conferencing)




Have you already attended SHIFT-IT Online and want to do it again? This handy Repeater Option is for those who are ready for their next round of transformation (SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit purchasers may also use).



Several Easy Payment Plan Options Available:
Your choice of one full payment or divide your into convenient monthly payments (3, 6 or 12). First payment immediate, then every 30 days
for remainder of plan.

Click Here To Reserve Your Space



Times of live class won’t work for you? Don’t want to wait until the next live class? FYI, The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit is available 24/7. For full explanation of The Kit and instant online ordering,

Basic $497.00 | Deluxe $997



I’m glad you asked. First off, let me reassure you that it is perfectly normal to be a bit apprehensive when you sign up for SHIFT-IT – everyone is!

After all, it’s not everyday that you commit to taking responsibility for SHIFTing your life.

As for the GUARANTEE… yes, I offer a full one

If, by the end of the 7 weeks you feel this experience did not serve you (and you have completed the full program and its tools in good faith), I will refund your full fee (within 10 business days by mailed cheque or Paypal). Plus I’ll give you a free, follow-up tele-coaching call to help us process and complete properly.

And, that’s my promise to you! (For the record, after years of leading these group experiences, I have yet to be taken up on this… but it feels good to continue to offer it to make you as comfortable and reassured as possible).

So are you ready to move past your current dissatisfaction and SHIFT your life?

If you are a vibrational match to this special opportunity, I and your cohort mates look forward to shifting with you soon!

Christina Merkley
Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

P.S. How long do you want to wait for a real shift to happen? You won’t find a faster way to clarify and launch your vision and action plan … so I invite you to secure your spot in SHIFT-IT Online® now.

P.P.S. Yes, this is a very long and detailed info page (sorry to you non-detail people!). However, if you have any questions at all that have not been answered please email us at and my team will happily respond.




Debby Simcoe
Parent Facilitator

“Christina, thank you so much for SHIFT-IT Online, a great program! I so appreciated the way you presented it and the materials were incredibly effective at getting into that other part of my head (right brain, I’m guessing) that is more open and for the most part, quiet. I had a distinct ‘SHIFT IT’ experience at the point of making friends with my inner critic and take on things in a different, more empathic way. As I said before, I have had the benefit of time with a personal life coach and I recognized some of the same sensations. The special part of your sessions though was a) the forthcoming energy in participating graphically and the sheer fun of that; b) experiencing everything together with our group and our own smaller group within that group (five friends); and c) your expertise at listening for the meat and potatoes of what was shared and then generously explaining potential perspectives without inserting yourself. You are truly a gift.”

Debbie Simcoe
Parent Facilitator
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Karen Gilliam,  Leadership &  Organizational Change

Karen Gilliam,
Leadership &
Organizational Change

“My goal is to become a Certified Visual Coach® and part of certification is to experience The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System® as an individual from the inside-out. Because I am a Process Professional, have coached for several years and regularly spend quality time on self-reflection, I didn’t expect any “new” information to emerge.

I was incorrect. Christina has created a process for deep, personal self-reflection while facilitating a safe space for an on-line community of kindred spirits to hold conversations that matter.

My greatest ah-ha dealt with ‘focusing’. You cannot desire something, predominantly focus on the absence of it; then expect to receive it. Yet, that was my re-occurring practice, in both my personal and professional life. Now when those thoughts come up, I immediately recognize the ensuing feelings; then stop and re-direct my thoughts to focus on what I do want and desire in my life.

Thanks to Christina’s work with the Law of Attraction, I also re-learned the concept of deliberate creation and the essence of allowing. I may think it but now know that I must also expect it by allowing it into my life. The it being whatever I want/desire in my life.

I enjoyed working through the maps; some easier than others. The one that spoke to me most passionately was the Archeology of Beliefs. As I listened to the whispers of my ancestors, I could understand why, at times, I move through life with one foot on the brake and the other on the gas pedal. In today’s hectic, non-stop, microwave environment, I consider SHIFT-IT a timeless treasure, a gift to myself on the way to becoming my Next Self.”

Karen Gilliam, Ph.D.
Leadership & Organizational Change
Division Chief, Governmental Agency
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.


Shelley Nessman Consultant on Strategic Initiatives

Shelley Nessman
Consultant on Strategic Initiatives

“I know you realize the power of the deep spiritual nature of the work that you do- I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me over the last few months with SHIFT-IT Online and Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals.

I can’t think of any course that I have done or even taught over the last few years that had such a freeing effect on me and I wanted to let you know that I truly am grateful for your work and your gracious generosity! I learned so much on so many levels … and it continues as I refine my SHIFT-IT maps!

I really appreciated the opportunities for us to connect with each other as a cohort and as friends … a really wonderful part of your curriculum! I made great connections and got to share bits of myself too (which brought me such wonderful understanding!)

There is something about holding space for co-creation mixed with individual creation and growth that is so powerful! I am looking at ways to build this aspect into my work – particularly with people who are labeled developmentally disabled. Often the people I work with are incredibly wise and creative- and are actually hungry for space to create without parameter. This isn’t about your curriculum per se, more about the energy and style you brought to us … so thank you for the modeling!

I am dipping my toe into the graphics piece slowly – still battling some gremlins there … and may repeat SHIFT-IT again in the fall. Am reading Ask And It Is Given and watching tons of Abraham Hicks – really resonates for me (thanks for introducing the Law of Attraction aspect, truly wonderful).”

Shelley Nessman
Consultant on Strategic Initiatives
Spectrum Society for Community Living
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I’ve employed Christina Merkley as my coach on-and-off since 1998. Six months after she led me through a vision exercise where I imagined myself on the cover of a magazine, the real thing happened when I made it into Java World. Since then I’ve been covered in MIT Tech Review, The NY Times, Popular Science, and Motor Magazine and was nominated for a 2003 Corporate Award sponsored by the World Tech Network. Yeah, you could call this work effective! Now I’m working with her again to take it up to the next level.”

– Tim Clark, VP of Engineering / Director of R & D, VTTI, San Francisco, CA

“I’ve hired Christina Merkley on and off for the last seven years, primarily for personal coaching and partnership facilitation. She’s seen me through two sad, but amicable, business partnerships dissolutions. Christina’s smart and intuitive (although I generally hate using that word!). A natural solvent … boiling disparate personalities to get to the pure, essential content of what needs to be done, by when, by who. Good at making things quantifiable and tangible.”

– Paolo Salvagione, Owner, Swift Engineering, Sausalito, CA

“Christina’s non-biased approach allowed me to review my life and define reachable, step-by-step goals … which we are continuing to break down into even more doable steps each week on our coaching calls. I wish I had gone through a SHIFT-IT Retreat a long time ago! I really enjoy her listening, the one-to-one attention, and that we got to work down on the beach for part of my retreat!”

– Anyck Turgeon, Oracle, Redwood Shores, CA

“Before I consulted with her, I was facing both personal and professional challenges — I knew I had to do something but the fear of failure blinded me. Her process helped me shift my attitude and create reality-based plans, which I’m in the process of implementing. When things get tough I use the charts we created to remind myself where I am going and why. Without her help I would not have dared step out for my dream. Now I know I am on my path to a fully lived life.”

– Kimiko Bokura, Health and Beauty entrepreneur, Santa Cruz, CA

“A gifted and intuitive listener and facilitator, able to draw out what is useful from the past, present and hopeful future. Eclectically and timely trained in personal and organizational development, she can take you safely as deeply as you want to go.”

– Bill Faust, Faust Consulting, Sausalito, CA (formerly Director, Motorola University Executive Education and Leadership Development, Chicago IL)

“Awesome! That is the one word that describes the services that Christina has provided for me. Since I started working with her as my coach, I’ve bought my partner out to gain full ownership, have been stabilizing my growing business with improved systems (and growing profits) and have taken more time out for the fun things in life (golf, fishing, Vegas!). When i first heard about her and this visual stuff, i was skeptical and wondered if it was ‘blowing on tea leaves’. Not now, I’m a true believer. The graphics bring clarity and focus and give me a high level map of my corporate direction. I highly recommend her and her Shift It! Process to anybody who is serious about success and defining (and getting!) what they really, really want.”

– Robert Kemp, CEO, Raging Creations Ltd /, Victoria, B.C.

“Christina’s graphic method helped me get clear on my accomplishments and the areas in my life that brought me the most enjoyment. I really tapped into the fact that I needed a much more creative outlet for work. In the year since working with her, I’ve totally transformed my life. I hung up my business-consulting hat, moved back home to North Carolina and opened my own home decor store. Working with Christina was a pivotal stepping stone in my life.”

– Phyllis Roberts, Owner, Dragonfly Home Decor, Asheville, NC

“Working with Christina is the best investment I’ve made in myself. I needed a life-coach who held me accountable, asked the hard questions and encouraged me to look at the life I really want to create. Christina did this and so much more. Her graphic applications gave me an insightful snapshot of where I’d been and where I’m going. I regularly implement her “Take action Plan” and focus on the top three priorities in my life to achieve maximum satisfaction. Christina skillfully guided me through her process and my life has truly shifted for the better. So far I’ve changed my mindset about personal health and have dropped 6 pounds. Plus, I am regularly attracting business contacts that not only increase my visibility but also increase my profitability. If you do one thing for yourself, make this it!”

– Lisa Manyon, Professional Copywriter and Consultant,

“Christina graphically captured my life’s emotions, experiences, and desires that helped me pictorially see my past, present and wished for future. As a developing graphic facilitator, my SHIFT-IT Retreat not only helped with my thinking about my own practice and life but gave me the opportunity to witness Christina’s work and techniques up close — I loved it so much that I have built a gorgeous retreat room in the Santa Cruz mountains, so I can do Visual Coaching work with others”.

– Patricia Jocius, Emergency Preparedness Consultant / Graphic Facilitator, Sunnyvale, CA

Julie Halsey, Manager, Leadership Development, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA “I’d say about 75% of the visioning work I did with Christina in ’99 has come to fruition (new career direction with a substantial increase in salary, increased responsibility and respect, closer relationships with family, more opportunities to travel for work and pleasure and many material objects (new car, wardrobe, etc.)). She’s my ‘discovery guide’ … helping me define and accomplish the things that matter to me. I just flew up to do some more work with her (July 2003), as new goals are emerging and my desire to integrate my material and spiritual sides is becoming stronger. My Shift It! Retreat was profound and seeing Victoria B.C. for the first time was an added bonus. I’ll be back.”

– Julie Halsey, Manager, Leadership Development, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

“Christina coached me into clarity, and forward movement, in life and in my business coupled with a new level of understanding of what makes me tick, and how the Universe and I work in synchronicity! Thank you Christina for being so kind and helping me get clear of the things that were in my way…I use your Flip It technique everyday! My business is positively booming now, and I am convinced it would be stalled if we had not worked together. Life is a lot clearer these days, and I have your guidance to thank, you are a truly gifted coach. In Gratitude!”

– Viki Viertel, The Business Buddha,

Leadershape Consulting & Coaching, Whistler, BC “To sit in the chair and observe, think, sense and feel the experience in a similar fashion to what my future clients would experience contained great value to me. I never realized the power of the process until I was literally in the thick of it – surrounded by Christina’s coaching and thought provoking moments – part way through I felt a ‘flow’ in which pieces of information that previously weren’t clear to me came ‘clunking’ into place.”

– Darlene Samer, Independent Consultant, Leadershape Consulting & Coaching, Whistler, BC

“In SHIFT-IT Weekend Intensive moves one through ‘stinking thinking’ to bright possibilities and inspiring dreams. It’s a fun, safe and very, very useful workshop. Loved the demos, binder, vision boards, the flow of the process, the focus on Law of Attraction … and of course, the maps! I’ve taken it twice and brought friends with me.”

– Sharon Hoyland, Gov’t Ministry Coordinator/Trainer/Facilitator, Vancouver, BC

“The mini retreat that I did with Christina was very motivating. She helped me get my ideas out of my head and organized onto paper. When I need inspiration and a bigger picture view, I pull my charts out to get re-inspired and keep going in the direction I have set out for myself. I’ve also shared my maps with my girlfriend and they’ve really helped me communicate to her what is important to me, both professionally and personally – what I’m in the process of creating and why this is so important to me. As an entrepreneur this kind of support and clarity is invaluable.”

– Will Hassinger, Engineer & Sculptor, Wilbilt Inc., Mill Valley, CA

“I commissioned Christina to help me create a “transformation plan” for my life. Within six months I manifested a new house, ended an unsatisfying relationship, negotiated a more flexible schedule to have more time with my son, aannnddd started meaningful volunteer work that feels like it may open into a whole new career path. Holy #*!”, this stuff is powerful. The only thing left is the wedding on the beach!”

– Terri Eardley, Associate Investment Advisor and Mom, Victoria BC

“After 2.5 days I have a clear vision for my future and the tools, skills and resources to attract it. The location, group members, graphic work, the safe space – all were wonderful. I so appreciate your SHIFT-IT process as I now have the scaffolding I need to expand into my Future Self. I am leaving my SHIFT-IT Weekend Intensive completely inspired.”

– Terry Ash, Facilitator/Inter-cultural Communication Consultant,
Port Townsend, WA

“Christina, this has been a life changing weekend – brought me the Law of Attraction tools I have been looking for to assist me in my evolutionary process. The visual materials were very powerful and knowing I had The SHIFT-IT Retreat Kit to return to again and again, made me relax and not worry that I had to ‘get it all and get it now’.”

– Kerry Chalmers, Realtor, Salt Spring Island, BC

“Christina has an incredible process … great for individuals, business partners and married couples (I’ve worked with her in all three ways). She creates a ‘mind map resume’ … helps you figure out your talents, skills, values and goals. She’s helped draw out my own vision, helped me create a clear vision for my company, worked with my managers and worked with my wife, Marvelee and I to create our family vision. She brings out the essence of what is really going on … making things crystal clear and breaking it down to who is doing to what, when and where. Concise, clear, empathetic and engaging.”

– John Papaloukas, President, Villages Pizza, Victoria, B.C.

“My husband John and I have worked with and known Christina for the last fifteen years. We have worked with her as business owners, individuals and as a couple. Christina helps people communicate and creates a non-intimidating, safe, positive environment to help understand oneself and others better. Keeps you focused and moving forward. We’ve recommended her to other entrepreneurs, family and friends. She’s professional, compassionate, intuitive and knows what she is doing.”– Marvelee Papaloukas, Entrepreneurial Couple, Victoria, B.C.

“Can’t say enough about this remarkable woman and my coaching experience with her. I loved being able to actually visualize my own internal processes, to give them shape, form and color. She was a gentle guide, pushing me along just enough, mapping out in front of my eyes a holistic pattern and purpose for the next few years. This becomes, I think, a manifestation of some kind, bringing together my conscious and unconscious thought processes. I’ve already referred three of my close friends.”

– Kathy Evans, Poet, Teacher, former Board Member of California Poets in the Schools, San Francisco, CA

“Christina is truly a gifted facilitator; intelligent, talented and her spirit is so gentle. Her time has come of age … I believe her process of coaching/facilitating/recording others to awareness and success in their personal/professional realms is a cutting edge learning opportunity!”

– Cathy McKenzie, Faculty, Royal Roads University, Leadership & Training MA Program, Victoria, BC

“How has the last year been for me? It has been a 360 degrees head spin thanks to Christina. A year ago I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go in life, but I didn’t know how to get there. Christina has believed in me since day one. Her SHIFT-IT process made me clarify what my dream really is and helped me figure out that with the correct approach, I could get there. With our coaching calls I have been able to move my dream towards reality, step-by-step. I have never been so excited about where I am headed and am actually enjoying the process of Law of Attraction to get there!”

– Matt Ashdown, Ashdown Conditioning & Training and / The Gratitude Dance, Victoria, B.C.

“My SHIFT-IT Process was an enlightening and moving experience. Visual Coaching is a very powerful tool. I now have a much clearer concept of my goals and my plan on how to achieve them”

– Alan Pasemko, President, Theme Management Group, Victoria, B.C.

“What can I say. Christina has an incredible knack with people. Working with her has been a fun and enjoyable journey. Since our time together, I am simply amazed as to what has transpired: healing with siblings, a new baby, large changes in my employment and career structure. My ‘new life’ is fuller, happier … I’ve made big shifts by coming to peace with my past. Thank you for the journey Christina!”

– Ainslie Lowe, Full time Mom living the life I desire

“I started my work with Christina by coming for a half day SHIFT-IT Retreat and I emerged over a year later as a mentee and apprentice. Having witnessed the power of Graphic Facilitation in my past corporate work, I was thrilled to have this insightful methodology used on just me and my life — my life’s story mapped out in all its glory right in front of me with my newly emerging dreams and aspirations. Christina coached me as I transitioned from leaving a hierarchical, toxic corporate job into self employment … and through the journey of re-accrediting as a nurse. I’ve also been lucky enough to shadow and assist her in corporate work and workshops and regularly recommend her to business colleagues and friends alike. I am hooked on graphics!

– Terry Ogilvie, Facilitator, Registered Nurse and Independent Consultant, Victoria, B.C.

“What a powerful way to shift my life into a state of achievement rather then staying in a dreaming or aspirational state. Its tough but rewarding work – come ready and willing to grow.”

– Lisa Morgan, Change Management Consultant, Calgary AB

“She’s an alchemical soul who knows what is real and what counts. Exquisitely sensitized and sharply attuned she literally drew out my essence – revitalizing, encouraging and motivating me to use my gifts as a springboard, and not lean back. When we give our all, the dream comes true.”

– Marsha Dawson, Intuitive Counselor, San Raphael, CA

“I first saw Christina in action when I was in the midst of a grueling residency in pursuit of my Master’s degree in Leadership & Training. Her work of capturing our thoughts with graphics fascinated me. I decided to work with her personally. She’s very professional, yet personable enough to help me dig deep into my thoughts quickly. The completed maps and charts are an ongoing source of accountability and inspiration. This activity is not for the faint of heart; it is serious head and heart work that creates an artful masterpiece that either inspires or haunts you, depending on how fully you respond to its call.”

– Steve Doerksen, Church & Community Youth Worker / Worship Leader Whiterock, BC (Royal Roads University, MA Leadership & Training candidate)

“I engaged Christina after a cross-country relocation, to help me get my bearings and get support for my new life. She’s an empathetic, intuitive coach and her graphic approach is very, very cool. I could literally see the various areas of my life begin to fall into place. There is a palpable energy to the charts we co-created, like a magnet to keep my “inner compass” pointed in the direction of my dreams. She’s really onto something with this innovative way of working!”

– Annie Chase, Computer Programmer & Hypnotherapist, Santa Rosa, CA

“I engaged Christina for her 2 day Shift-It! Retreat because I desperately wanted to find my way through a quagmire of ideas and options. Christina expertly helped me to create a GRAND VISION for my life and an action plan of specific, doable steps. I’m now working with her as my ongoing “manifestation coach” and am thrilled with my progress. She compassionate, caring with sensitive information and has great skills – including humour!”

– Amaiah Popadynec, Owner, Firefly Holistic Massage, Victoria, BC

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