Graphic Facilitator, Coach, Energy Worker and International Educator


Let me help YOU make your SHIFT and/or empower you to shift others!

I help groups and individuals make successful SHIFTs via the various Process Roles I inhabit.  I work with English speaking clients around the world via online and in-person methods.

My journey in Process Work began in the 1990s in San Francisco. My background is in Organizational Development and Change Management with a particular specialty in working visually (aka Graphic Facilitation and Graphic Recording). Additionally I’m an internationally recognized pioneer in the Graphic Coaching field … using Visual Thinking and Energy Work to help you successfully align to your next chapter in work and life.

Get Seasoned Assistance With Your SHIFT:

I provide Facilitation, Coaching, and Energy Work for corporate, government and not-for-profits (change management, strategic planning & visioning, conflict resolution, team building, etc).  And confidential support for leaders, partners and teams as well as individuals, couples and families.  My clients are across the English-speaking world and primarily access me online, although I do have some in-person services in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and occasionally travel when necessary.

Get Quality Training and Mentoring:

I train and mentor others in my innovative ways of working:  leaders, managers, consultants, facilitators, trainers, content experts, coaches, therapists, lawyers, accountants, I.T. analysts, teachers, illustrators, designers, artists, scribes, etc. My mentees are across the English-speaking world.  I offer online and in-person options plus handy home study products so you can learn immediately and at your own pace. Also custom in-house workshops (I travel to you) should you have several people who need to be trained or wish to develop internal capacity in your organization.



Need help figuring out which option is right for you? Happy to speak with you (by phone or web conference) via a Free Exploratory Chat.   Just email my assistant Patricia at or call 1-866-925-2351 and she’ll send you my handy online scheduler to choose a time.

Yours in expansion,

Christina Merkley

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