My L.A. Trip

I wrote in last month’s ezine how I was going down to L.A. to work with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy at her Speed Copywriting Workshop.

I did a bunch of pre-prepared large murals for Lorrie before hand. An agenda chart, a Visual Bio of her professional path, and an Overview Chart of her Speedcopying Writing Process.

And I also provided onsite graphic recording services – taking live visual notes during group interactions and doing on-the-spot visual synopsis of the different speakers she brought in. And what a line up that was – seasoned ol’ salt, copying writing legend John Carlton, Perry Marshall of Google Adwords fame, Michael Port (Book Yourself Solid – his book is out right now), Mitch Carson, Wendi Friesen and James Roche.

I had a blast working with them all – Lorrie and her husband John (Mr. Red-Hot Copy) run a great event! Smart people (wonderful and inspiring entrepreneurs), well run program, wonderful setting – right on the Marina at Redondo Beach.

See the really nice post that Michael Port did on me – not every day one gets called remarkable. Gotta like them apples! (forgive me if you think its too self promoting of me to share it here with you, but I’m excited and honoured!) He wrote:

Be Remarkable

“We know that the most authentic and effective strategy for self-promotion is to actually be remarkable, right? So, here’s something remarkable. While I was giving a speech at Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s Speed Copywriting Workshop, a woman named Christina Merkley illustrated a visual representation of my verbal presentation.

I think it’s completely remarkable. And you know I’m going to be hiring her now…”

Posted by Michael Port on September 19, 2006

And here are a few photos (sorry, I’m new at blogging so need to figure out how to upload things at a decent size – maybe this program doesn’t do that?).

Lorrie and I (she’s the gorgeous red head), and with entrepreneur success coach, Melanie Benson Strick (we look like two peas in the same pod don’t we), and me kicking back for a moment on the deck overlooking the Marina – ah, I do love California!

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