Graphics Bootcamp: Advance Skills Public Workshop

At long last the Graphics Bootcamp is here! Advance training in the rare skills of Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. One of the few places in the world (I’m not kidding!), where one can get personalized, mastermind-group type attention to build competency and confidence in these unique and effective group methods.

Mean ol' ms merkleyI was lucky enough to learn and develop my skills while living and working in San Francisco during the mid-nineties. Spent years on the road as a graphic recorder for The Grove Consultants Int’l (working in tech, finance, health, architecture, planning settings, and many Fortune 500 companies and plenty of not-for-profits) … and then launched into my own recording and facilitation practice called Make Your Mark Graphic Facilitation.

As I move more and more into my graphic coaching niche (that is what this new site SHIFT-IT Coach is all about) … I’m unlocking my brain and sharing my graphic recording and graphic facilitation secrets, tips, and techniques with any facilitators, consultants, trainers, budding graphic recorders, etc who want to take advantage of my unique experiences and perspective. However, since this is an advance level workshop – you will need to have had some previous exposure or experience in working with interactive graphics … the equivalent of my Meeting Graphics 101 course.

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Take your skills up to your next level. Gain confidence and composure. Learn more tricks for listening, capturing info on the fly, drawing formats, etc. And connect with a nice group of like minded professionals from across North America (and hopefully Europe too – if some of them come!). Workshop runs March 28+29, in Victoria BC Canada. Is limited to just 12 participants.

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