Boise Idaho Trip

I get a little stir crazy in the winter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little piece of paradise here on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia.  However, I do like to travel. Part of switching my business over to more virtual delivery methods (internet, phone etc) is that it enables me to have much more flexibility with my schedule and location.  I can basically do my work from wherever I am now … especially with the help of my trusty Virtual Assistant too (Erin’s in Ottawa and is awesome!).

After January/February’s successful experience of running things while on a cruise in the Hawaiian islands … I took another little jaunt last week … down to Boise, Idaho.  To do a little SHIFT-IT and training work and to see several colleagues and friends who live in the area.  Another of the perks of having a greater online presense, is that i have connections from all over the world now.  So wherever I go, chances are that someone from my list / database of folks interested in SHIFT-IT and the graphic ways of working is somewhere nearby.  I love that!  Maintaining my work, traveling, having fun, being social, making new connections — I love this gypsy lifestyle of mine.

Here are a few quick shots from this latest trip.  Working with Caren Burke (we did a mini Meeting Graphics 101 workshop for her as well as some visioning work: Caren’s in my SHIFT-IT Tele-group that is running right now, so it was wonderful to meet up with her in person and help her learn more about integrating graphics in with her mediation practice).

Caren's SessionCaren and I

Also meet with two colleagues who I first connected with at Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s Speed Copywriting Workshop in L.A. last fall: Kit Furey in Boise. And Lisa Manyon over in Lewiston.  Lisa runs a company called Write On Creative … marketing services covering image, planning, copywriting and publicity.  We hit it off at Lorrie’s event and have kept in touch – she’s been thru my SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process and will be assisting me with creating a cool audio interview that will be on the site soon (right up her alley given her background in radio).  Was great to see her and meet her husband John.

Lisa and I at the left. 

Then a few shots from driving through the area with my friend Jim.  … gorgeous rolling hills and canyons … with the river winding through … great open land.  Still pretty early in spring, so the trees were bare but the weather was warm compared to B.C.  Previously I had only flown into Boise and had never had a chance to really poke around and see the landscape (HP has a big division there and back in my San Francisco days I used to fly in and out for graphic recording gigs with them).  Was nice to fit in some good driving this time and get a real sense of the land and environment. 

Xina in Idaho

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