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Tomorrow I lead my Graphic Bootcamp here in Victoria, British Columbia.  Its an advance skill development and marketing / business development workshop for graphic recorders and graphic facilitators – people who want to further improve their ability to graphically record and facilitate business meetings, community events, conferences and the like.  Who want some help boosting their confidence in working large and ‘at the wall’ publicly.  And also some abundance and marketing mentoring on the business side of things to open up their mind about what is possible. 

Before my work morphed into the very personal and deep work that I do with individuals and couples (which is what this SHIFT-IT Coach site is all about), I spent about 12 years working and honing some pretty rare facilitation capabilities.  I still do some of this work myself, but more and more I’m sharing my expertise and training and mentoring others, so these special skills can live on. 

Tomorrow’s Bootcamp is sold out.  We have a terrific group of people coming from across North America (San Diego, San Antonio, Phoenix, Pasadena, Grande Prairie, Victoria, Vancouver, Medicine Hat, Regina and Calgary). I’m so excited!  It is so fun to talk about this stuff with people who are very interested and keen.  And very nice to share and encourage the potential in others – the coach in me is in heaven. 

As I went about creating the materials and resources for the event, I plowed thru my portfolio and report boxes … creating a 150 page handbook for the attendees.  Over 60 samples of custom chart work, graphic recording and graphic facilitation examples are shared.  Stuff that isn’t posted on my public portfolios on my sites.  

Since I’m so excited and jazzed, let me share a few of my favorite creations from the last few years.  Seeing these things reminds me of how much fun I had traveling around and attending such unique events and all the people I have had the pleasure of working with. And just how refreshing the graphic way of working is. 

Below is a custom chart that I created (with assistance from Terry Ogilvie), for the Masters in Leadership and Training Program at Royal Roads University.  The faculty of this program use this chart to orient new learners to the overall journey of this two year program.  Here is part one:

RRU Malt Map 1 

 Click for larger view:

And part two of the journey map:

 RRU malt 2

 Click for larger view:

Next, a live graphic recording of a speaker at a conference ( graphic recording is a live skill, where someone or a group is talking, and a recorder summarizes what is being said as it is happening).  This one is from a presentation that master hypnotist (and very funny woman), Wendi Friesen gave at Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s Speed Copywriting Workshop down in LA last year.  Her talk was all on the power of the sub-conscious mind and creativity … so gave me a lot to play with.

Wendi Friesen's talk

Click for large view:

And last, but not least, a creation from a large mural that I produced a few years ago at a large conference for The Women’s Funding Network in San Francisco.  Very cool organization that funds women’s development projects and initiatives around the globe. Its always been one of my favorite charts … must be the power of what their organization is all about plus the graphics just fell out very naturally in the moment (always great when one can ‘get in the zone’ with things). 

Women's Funding Network

Click for larger view:

Working graphically in group settings is a really powerful and unique way to work.

Doodlers unite!  Cheers, Christina

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