May’s Meeting Graphics 101 Workshop

Besides my coaching and facilitation practices, about a third of my work these days is in training other professionals (trainers, consultants, facilitators, coaches, project managers, mediators, etc) on the basic graphic skills that can be used with groups and individuals. 

You see, this graphic way of working is rare, and even more rare is finding someone skilled enough to train you in it.  I’ve been working in interactive graphics for about 11 years now, and am one of the few trainers in the world who specialize in this powerful methodology.  And, I love training others! 

Last Thursday and Friday, I hosted my Meeting Graphics 101 workshop – my level one beginning training.  I keep them small (just 12 people), so folks get individualized attention and room ‘at the wall’ to work in the large size.  Here are a few photos to give you a taste of what we do and what it all looks like:

We kick off with introductions and basic context setting, including introducing this History of Graphic Facilitation and Recording field chart (a big chart I’ve created to explain the history and ongoing evolution of this unique field. 

Next is getting down to basics: first off, learning how to use the large, wall size paper (its harder than it  looks!).  And then getting ‘to the wall’ for some warm up exercises and learning how to use our instrument: the flipchart marker (did you know you can get three different kinds of lines from a simple marker?). 

Over the course of two days, we progressively build skills. From the base, foundational skills of paper, markers, shapes, drawing and color. Up to putting those skills towards specific uses: custom chart work (making posters and other pre-prepared graphic materials), graphic recording (taking real-time visual notes), graphic facilitation (working with a group to create documents together) and graphic coaching (private, personalized use of graphics with just one other person).


“This was the best organized workshop I’ve EVER taken – helpful, thorough, and met expectations.  Also, I liked the small size of the group and the quiet room.  Very informative on skills; nothing withheld.  Also liked the location in the city.”  Cynthia Stewart, Olympia, WA, Facilitator/Mediator

“The emotional connection with the material really worked well – my own involvement and those around me being so engaged and heart felt.  A good mix attuned to the range of individuals in the class”.  Kenneth Enright, Bainbridge Island, WA

“Excellent!  Great instruction and coaching – lots of time to practice – many methods!  Excellent handouts and examples”.  Cassandra O’Neill, Sustainability Consultant, Tucson, Arizona

“Well paced, very well taught, great time management and just the right blend of learning then practice.  Very supportive and wonderful course – I learned a ton!  Excellent supporting and takeaway materials”.  Suzanne Enright, Leadership/Inter-cultural Consultant,

“One of the most important aspects of leadership is the ability to communicate.  Using graphics enhances communication and therefore is an essential tool for future leaders”.  Lachlan Whatley, Dept. Chair, Business Dept., University College of the Fraser Valley,

The next Meeting Graphics 101 Workshop will be held in Victoria, BC, Canada on October 31-November 1st. Right on its heels will be the Graphics Bootcamp (level 2) on Nov. 2-3, 2007… they are back-to-back dates for those who are travelling from far distances and want to get both levels in on the same trip.  Next offering after that will be in early 2008 (TBA).

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