My Abraham-Hicks Addiction

ah tapesIf you are a coaching client or a subscriber to my e-zine, you will know that I have a serious Abraham-Hicks addiction.  I have been following the teachings of Abraham, through the interpretation of Esther Hicks, for about five years now.  And my ‘addiction’ is going strong, as I am working my way slowly but surely thru their entire collection of recordings – 17 years worth (I’ve got about 7 down, 10 to go). 

Who’s Abraham you might ask.  Well, if you don’t already know, Abraham is a group of non-physical teachers who, well …. they basically understand how our world works and just what the heck is going on in the big picture sense of things.  And they communicate that information in blocks of thought to Esther Hicks … who in turn, interprets those blocks of thought to those that are asking questions (in other words, its a ‘channeled’ source … although Esther doesn’t care for that word … which I can certainly understand). 

Esther and her husband Jerry have kept an incredibly busy schedule of workshops for the last twenty years, mostly in the United States.  At these workshops, regular everyday people (and some not so regular everyday people … hee hee) ask all kinds of questions of Abraham.  Every kind of question you can think of on every kind of topic: money, abundance, relationships, parenting, sex, climate change, disease, racism, taxes, traumatic events, weight, drugs, meaning of life, life purpose, how to get what you want, why things are the way they are, etc. And, they get answers to these questions.  Very useful and illuminating answers that bring relief, comfort and plenty of insights and ahhas that help people shift their lives for the better.

The Abraham materials are the best thing I have found to really explain the Law of Attraction and how it plays out in life and the usual things that I and my colleagues, friends, and clients encounter in our everyday lives. 

Sprawl of AH tapes

I first encountered Abraham when I was going thru challenges in my own personal life, and a colleague turned me onto their materials.  Since then I have become an increasing addict of these amazing materials.  Signing up for their weekly CD delivery, ordering back materials, and even going on a two week cruise where Abraham workshops were held onboard (the two week cruise was to Hawaii, and in a few weeks I’m going on a one week cruise up to Alaska). Go to for details on these offerings (good stuff!). 

My project for this year (and it might take me more than the year) is to listen to all of the back recordings. All of the workshops recordings available from 1990, on (courtesy of my very cool friend Jim who has the whole collection). 

I began this in February and now in June I can really see my understanding of the LOA principles reaching new heights (and I naively thought I understood it before – geez!) … and the quality of my SHIFT-IT coaching, workshops and facilitation has increased exponentially. 

And, I’m having even more fun with my work now – getting very congruent and attracting just the right clients and circumstances to me.  No longer hiding my beliefs and techniques … I’m right out in the open now.  And, I’m finding I’m not alone.  People who are attracted to the Abraham materials and Law of Attraction in general are finding me.  People who like this stuff and who are curious about it and who want to implement the LOA knowledge into their lives but aren’t exactly sure how to really do it. That is what I have been doing.  Working one-to-one (and in small groups … see my SHIFT-IT Groups) to really help people understand and integrate the Law of Attraction principles easily into their own life for great results (increased abundance, greater health, improved and/or new relationships (including mates and babies!), meaningful work, lovely homes, exciting travel, etc).   

I’m really enjoying this work and people are getting shifts – thanks to what I am learning and implementing via the Abraham teachings ( I feel I need to keep emphasizing where my learning is coming from – to give the proper source attribution to Esther and Jerry Hicks, their organization, and the source of it all – Abraham).  They provide such a wonderful service and I am truly grateful (the more people I can turn onto them the better!).

And, as I’m the Graphic Coach after all (my speciality is visual learning methods), I’m finding that the graphic/visual way of working lends itself very well to Law of Attraction work.  So, I’m working on creating even more tools that can assist people in wrapping their heads around the LOA principles and how to really apply and implement them.  So stay tuned, more things are brewing.  More tools are on their way. 

Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach

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