Recommendation: Holosync Meditation Technology

Something I want to bring to your attention that is very compatible with my SHIFT-IT graphic coaching work: a product called Holosync® Meditation Technology from Centerpointe Research Institute.

Shifting your life is about coming to SEE what you are doing and making changes based off of that information. As a Graphic Coach, I spend my time helping people literally see what is going on inside their head and heart. In the course of my work, I regularly recommend things to my clients that I think will help them on their awareness and creation journey. Holosync is a product that is on my Top 3 list: I recommend it again and again, and have used it for the last 3 years myself.

What is it? It’s an audio technology that aids C Merkley's meditation guyyou in reaching and maintaining meditation states. You listen to CDs on stereo headsets while you meditate – and the audio technology aids in calibrating your brainwaves. 

It’s like meditation on speed (yes, I know … sounds like an oxymoron … is meditation really suppose to be fast?). Instead of having to practice for 20+ years it really cuts down on the time it takes to become aware of what you are doing.
Often my clients who are new to meditation think it’s all about relaxation and reducing stress. And, that is true, to some extent. But in the larger sense, meditation is about becoming aware of how you uniquely create your own reality. This insight path helps you become familiar with your own patterns and habitual ways of thinking and being. Because you first have to become aware of them before you can shift them.I’ve gotta warn you – its not the faint of heart. You will bring up stuff you need to deal with and move through. Old issues that need to be resolved in order for you to Become Your Next Self. There will be periods of what founder Bill Harris calls ‘overwhelm’. Happens to me like clockwork about the third week into a new CD set (kind of like mind PMS). But fast on its heels, if I keep listening to the CDs, comes a solution, as the technology kicks me into a higher-level solution. My repertoire expands a bit and I can then do things I wasn’t able to do before: like remain calm in the face of something that used to really push my buttons, or have greater compassion for a situation or person (myself!). I also swear it helps me consistently reach my goals (as the ‘Trouble at the Border’ issues as I call them are key things that need to be addressed in order for me to open up and ‘allow’ the things I want).

Holosync is also very compatible with the Law of Attraction principles that I guide folks in. You might recognize Bill Harris’ name from The Secret movie. I’ve written about him in previous posts (click on Law of Attraction link to right). He also offers a series of online courses that teach you LOA principles and the science behind how our minds construct meaning and either curtail or expand our life experiences. I’ve done all of them and really admire his work: good stuff!

For more information see: Holosync via Centerpointe Research.

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