My Beach Office

I mentioned in the e-zine that I was writing down at the beach, instead of being cooped up inside. I had a lot of conference room and airplane time last week, so couldn’t face being inside. Laptops are the greatest invention aren’t they, and an extra battery.This is Dallas Road beach, just a few blocks from my studio and home. Pebble beach strewn with logs. Lots of ocean activity as it looks out on active sea lane with shipping traffic to Vancouver, passenger ferries to and from Seattle and Port Angeles, the zodiac boats on whale watching tours, and all the other assorted pleasure crafts. Not to mention the sail boarders and handglider guys.

I’ve taken coaching clients down here and we’ve done visioning and planning work right on the beach. Very fun.

Its funny people’s comments as they walk by. Some tell me I’m a workaholic and need to ‘put the computer down and walk away’ and others laugh and say they wish they had my office. Works for me. I have to do the writing, so might as well do it on the beach!

Where do you do your best writing? Coffee house, secured home office, on the couch?

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