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This just in from graphic colleagues, Alphachimp Studios in Pittsburg – they now have their Missing Link meeting support technology available.  A good resource for visual practitioners who need online post meeting documentation access for their clients.  Doesn’t really fit for me with the graphic coaching work I have primarily moved into doing – but would have come in handy back when I facilitated strategic planning and other group events.

See Peter Durant’s note below for more information.

Cheers, Christina (The SHIFT-IT Coach).

If you haven’t heard, Alphachimp Studio has developed a great tool for visual learning.MissingLink is a web-based software that fits into the natural work flow of managing facilitated events, such as board retreats, corporate planning sessions, conferences or collaborative design sessions.
It has been a great year, thanks to suggestions and encouragement from people like you.

In 2006, we began an adventure with our talented — and very patient — partners at GradientLabs to develop a browser-based Web 2.0 app to help those of us who use visual learning as a tool for facilitated events. We were inspired by other great on-line tools as Flickr, Blogger, and the host of other apps that have come on the scene.

However, we needed something crafted specifically for the needs of facilitator & graphic recorders!

There has been a small group of hard-working folks behind the scenes. Their stress-testing of MissingLink has helped us work out the kinks, technical issues, and improve the user interface while still retaining a clean design. We have worked hard to make the core functionality solid, and plan to improve as we roll out to a wider audience.ML UPGRADES

In the last few weeks, the design team has made these changes to the tool:

  • Added rich text editing to pretty much every text-entry field (People Profile, Session Descriptions, etc.)
  • Made the New Event Wizard more flexible
  • Achieved faster server load times for events
  • Deployed a new website for marketing and learning how to use the tool http://www.missinglink.biz
  • Created a Help Desk for posting specific job tickets and search the on-line manual http://help.missinglink.biz

ACCOUNT PLANSWe have scaled MissingLink to accomodate the continuum of service models. Whether you are an independent contractor or volunteer supporting a handful of facilitated sessions a year, or a full-service consulting firm with dozens of large, multi-day events and teams, there are pricing plans to match your needs. http://missinglink.biz/pricing

We invite you to work with MissingLink and to give us feedback.

As we roll this product out to the rest of the world, we hope you continue to help us design the best tool for facilitation teams to plan, document and archive events.  So please, spread the word!


Peter Durand
Alphachimp Studio Inc.

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