New Graphic Coaching Portfolio Is Up!

6. Another “At the Crossroads” Map

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Hi, Christina Merkley here. As you hopefully know, I’m The SHIFT-IT Coach … and I’m an innovator in the use of visual thinking techniques with individuals, couples and biz partners.

After working for over a decade as a Graphic Facilitator in all sorts of corporate and not-for-profit change management settings — I flew the coop to weave even more heart and soul into my work (as possibly the world’s first graphic coach).

I’m still using my graphic facilitation, strategic visioning and planning skills … but in much smaller and more intimate settings … helping people to SHIFT their lives and do their OWN change management from a personal level.

The graphic way of working is fabulous for SEEING what you are doing, and course correcting for a BIG BOOST in life satisfaction.

Whether its working your way through a life or work transition, making the move to being a free agent or independent, or ramping up your profits, prosperity and abundance – my SHIFT-IT coaching can help you define and get what you REALLY, REALLY want. Effectively, enjoyably and with some good humour and fun along the way!

I’ve just refreshed my online portfolio of sample charts: these are photos of different types of graphic coaching work: visual bio maps, life maps, various examples of visual moves from my custom SHIFT-IT Process, etc. If you are new to SHIFT-IT (or if you are a loyal blog and site viewer who has seen the older version of my portfolio time and time again) I hope you will drop by to take a look.

Christina's signatureCheers, Christina
The SHIFT-IT Coach

p.s. if you are into the Law of Attraction, look for the influences in some of the charts – I weave tons of these principles into my work with folks and LOA is a WONDERFUL combination with the graphics (you literally see how you are create your reality and how to SHIFT-IT so your creation is MUCH MORE to your liking!).

p.p.s. If you are wondering how you can have these kinds of visual materials created by you (or by me for you) check out the following: SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit (self coaching product), SHIFT-IT Tele-Groups (next one right around the corner in January) and Private SHIFT-IT Coaching (by phone or in person).  All done in my trademark graphic style. So you SEE how you are currently doing and SHIFT Your Life — in the areas YOU want to most!

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