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Whew, busy week – four training days and a wedding … my feet hurt! 

Hosted Meeting Graphics 101 on Wed and Thursday, followed by The Graphics Bootcamp on Friday and Saturday (then off to join the celebrations for Lisa and Gautaum’s wedding on Saturday night).  That was a lot of standing around in boots and then heels for these feet that are still whining that they aren’t in flipflops anymore (my attire for half the year). 

Had a full house for both workshops.  Teaching folks who travelled from across North America (and even from Ireland – thanks Elfie for coming from so far!) my insider secret tips and techniques on graphic recording and graphic facilitation.  What a terrific bunch of people – the learning continued outside of the workshops as participants continued to chat, talk, debate, share and support one another during breaks, lunches and even informal dinners and drinks at Victoria’s many fun restaurants and pubs.  What can i say – I absolutely love my work!  Turning on all these talented and kind folks to more ways they can enhance and improve their recording, facilitation, training, coaching and consulting offerings by integrating in different kinds of visual processes to their work. 

Here are a few photos of us in action:

1. Meeting Graphics 101 Agenda Chart

Christina Merkley, MG 101 chart







Click for Larger View:

2. Introductions Chart:  A Quick Graphic Recording by Christina

christina merkley








Larger View:

3. Christina Teaching Icons: Sneaking Up on ‘Drawing’.

christina merkley











 4. Creating Cool Wallpaper Around the Room (learners doing icons)

christina merkley











5. More Learners “At the Wall”:

christina merkley











6: Listening and Mapping a Partner’s Story

christina merkley















8. Learning About Template Design (bootcamp level)

christina merkley











9. Designing and Facilitating with Wall Size Templates

christina merkley










 10: Custon Chartwork & Graphic Recording Drills

christina merkley










 11. Meeting Our Future Self / SHIFT-IT Work (personal visioning and planning)

christina merkley








And much, much more … those are just some of the highlights.  For more photos see my Flickr account / graphiccoach

Testimonial Statements:

 “Christina is a supportive and generous teacher.  She created a ‘container’ that made self-expression, self-discovery and self-exposure stimulating, safe and fun! I can’t wait to see what my graphic colleagues create next”.  Andrea Williams, Fearless and Fabulous Coaching, Hillsboro, NH

“Perfectly paced learning – extremely valuable beyond explanation.  A powerful tool every teacher, facilitator and coach should have.  Thank you so very much Christina”.  Daniel Scott, Soaring Sucess, Victoria, BC

“Life story was ‘great’ experience! Loved the demos then actually doing the same ourselves.  Small participant count made it comfortable – wonderful opportunity with colleagues from across the world”.  Jan Spaulding, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek, MI

“Rich experience, solid preparation and presentation.  Seeing all the amazing results of the group.  A very solid and well-balanced training experience.  Christina is a VERY convincing/persuasive professional and trainer”.  Suzanne Hoogwater, Legal Visuals, Netherlands and Denver, CO

“Meeting other people from all over the world, with different goals yet similar positive energy & a desire to be a force for change.  I am leaving this place charged and inspired to map out EVERYTHING – exactly the information and experience that i needed to catalyze a major visionary shift in my work!”  Beth Sarver, Artist/Educator/Community Builder, ROYAL Project (Raising Our Youth As Leaders), Seattle, WA

 MEETING GRAPHICS 101 and THE GRAPHICS BOOTCAMP will be offered again May 21-24, 2008.  More Info on public and private training and mentoring options.


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