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The Grove’s Strategic Visioning Process is one of my favorite graphic-related resources (I’ve lead sessions and retreats using this methodology since I was employed by The Grove Consultants Int’l  back in the mid 90s).  I touch on it in my own trainings – however I direct my mentees to go to Grove directly if they want in-depth training on this visual way of doing planning and visioning work.

Well, I just received word from Bill Bancroft (a great consultant who is part of my Preferred Partners Network), that he is partnering with Grove to offer a two and a half day training on this method in his home state of Texas.   This is a first time offering for Bill in his region, so for those of your in the area, I really recommend checking out this rare opportunity to experience ‘grove on the road’.

If you go, say hi to Bill and Laurie for me!

The Grove Consultants International and Conbrio
Learn The Grove’s Visual Approach to Strategic Visioning
At a 2 1/2-Day Workshop
February 13-15, 2008
Dallas, Texas

For the first time in Texas, Conbrio and The Grove Consultants International are jointly offering The Grove’s Strategic Visioning workshop in Dallas, Texas Feb. 13-15 2008.  The workshop is an in-depth course in The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Process: a visual approach to strategic planning, decision-making and large- scale organizational change.  Conbrio Principal Bill Bancroft will team with The Grove’s Senior Consultant Laurie Durnell to deliver the workshop.

As the flagship application of The Grove’s Visual Planning Systems™, Strategic Visioning is a collaborative, stimulating and memorable visual experience: a refreshing change from relentless computer presentations. The workshop equips participants to incorporate a big picture, graphic way of working into their facilitation and planning repertoire very quickly. If you can write on a flip chart, you can learn to work on The Grove’s graphic templates, the foundational elements of our Visual Planning Systems.

This workshop is recommended for consultants, organizational strategists, project managers, facilitators, team leaders and process managers who may not want to draw, but wish to learn a compelling visual approach to setting and aligning direction for groups.

Strategic Visioning is also highly valuable for a division, department, team or individual developing project or business plans who wants to think and work visually. It is designed to support participants in using the graphic templates in ways that match their needs. For example, the templates can be used individually or incorporated into other planning processes such as team action planning, annual business planning, IT implementations, marketing efforts and functional staff planning.

The 2-1/2 day face-to-face workshop focuses on practice with the Strategic Visioning graphic templates and process model.

Key features of the Strategic Visioning workshop include:

  • Understanding The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ Process and the underlying principles of graphic facilitation, large-scale change, and large-group facilitation
  • Practicing facilitation and recording with Graphic Guide® templates in a simulated planning process using seven core templates
  • Exploring SV case studies
  • Designing specific meetings and retreats using the SV Design Deck for application of the Strategic Visioning tools
  • Participating in small breakout groups supported by coaching from Conbrio and  The Grove’s senior consultant/trainers and feedback from peer participants

Location: Southern Methodist University
Dates: Feb. 13-15 2008
Registration: $1695

Grove Products Used in This Workshop:

  • Strategic Visioning Overview, a booklet describing the entire arc of a Strategic Visioning process and one’s process and template options
  • Seven wall size Graphic Guides®: Meeting Startup, Graphic History, Context Map, SPOT Matrix, Cover Story Vision, Five Bold Steps, and Graphic Gameplan
  • Accompanying Leader’s Guides, with step-by-step instructions
  • Strategic Visioning Design Deck, laminated cards for all 18 SV Graphic Guides® including tips and steps-at-a-glance
  • Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model (handout)
  • Charter’s Markers

What To Expect:

In the 2-1/2 day face-to-face session, the emphasis is on learning about and practicing with graphic templates. Participants facilitate small group meetings and graphically record on the templates – with the roles of facilitator and recorder practiced separately, as well as in combination. Time is devoted to providing advice on how to facilitate with the seven core templates of The Grove’s Strategic Visioning Process and when to use them, with an overview of other templates in the – process (Note: it is presumed that participants have facilitation experience and are comfortable leading group processes.)

Workshop Schedule:


8:45 am –  Registration/sign-in
9:00 am – Workshop begins
10:15 am – Break (time is estimated). Snacks will be provided
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Lunch Break
2:30 pm – Break (time is estimated). Snacks will be provided
5:00 pm – Workshop ends

(The workshop trainer(s) will schedule breaks.)

Same as Day One but start time will be 8:30 am and end time will be at 5:00 pm.

Same as Day One but start time will be 8:30 am and end time will be at 12:30 pm

“Strategic Visioning both stretched and confirmed my current vision of myself as a consultant.”
-Charlotte Smith, Consultant/Trainer

Registration:  Participation is limited. Please register early.

If you have questions or would like to register, please contact Conbrio at (214) 941-8199 or email us at  If you are interested in arranging an in-house workshop for your company or organization, please ask for Bill Bancroft when contacting us.

Register with a friend or colleague and you both get a 10% discount!

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