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Here’s another interesting tidbit for some of you …

My workshop series on Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation: Meeting Graphics 101 and The Graphics Bootcamp – always attracts REALLY great people. From varied backgrounds and walks of life.

Last post I shared some exciting developments from Julie Stuart of Making Ideas Visible in Atlanta.

Today I want to share with you Karen Lloyd’s new blog on StoryBoarding.

Karen is a seasoned Storyboard Professional just over in Vancouver B.C. (a hop away from me here on Vancouver Island). For those who aren’t aware, Vancouver is a real hub for animation, gaming and other entertainment type media.

Karen came to my fall workshops having just stumbled upon the world of Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation – thinking there might be some nice synergies or overlaps with her already impressive boarding skills (which of course there are!).

She originally found me via Sheri McConnell’s Association of Web Entrepreneurs, of which I am a monthly contributor. Over the last five years I’ve invested a lot of my own training and coaching budget into learning internet and online marketing skills – most likely you are reading this blog because of techniques I have learned, etc. Karen’s also interested in and aware of the power of the internet and is really smart about wanting to learn more about how to use it properly.

The internet is an amazing place and just fantastic for those of us who have niche skills who want to attract similar minded people to come chat and play with us. Karen is now exactly doing that, as she has just launched a brand new blog dedicated to the Storyboarding medium.

With great posts like “10 Signs to Know If You Are Reading a Strong Script” and “So You Wanna Be a Professional Storyboard Artist, Eh?!” …

… she’s building a nice resource for up and coming boarders … and those of us who are curious as to what her profession is all about.

With her background as a professional artist, Karen had us wowed at my workshops (even teaching us some emoticons – easy ways to depicts facial expresssions) .- she has a beautiful, loose, sketchy style. Really wonderful. Obviously honed from lots of practice!

AND it was also reassuring for other attendees to see that the Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation work isn’t just all about art or being an excellent artist. Karen (and other artists who come) usually have additional skills that they need to develop to cross transfer their skills into working effectively in live meeting and event settings.

Her profession and mine are different yet also in some ways complimentary professions – both storyboarders and graphic recorders and graphic facilitators need to get across stories and messages as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Karen is about to go into a big six-month long Storyboarding project. And, interestingly for us — she’s going to blog about the experience, step-by-step. To give folks an insider look at what those projects are all about and the different issues, highs and lows that occur over the process.

What an opportunity to get a look into her profession – and her sassy wit and sarcasm are great too (if you appreciate Canadian style humour … hey most of the world does as we rock the world stage where comedians are concerned … its all the long cold winters having to entertain and not kill each other!).

Here’s her link. Have fun with it! Karen J. Lloyd’s Storyboard Blog.
Cheers, Christina Merkley The SHIFT-IT Coach.


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