Cool ‘Frontier’ Tools to Wake You Up!

It’s a brand new year.  And in January, the news media trots out the different experts to talk about goals, aspirations and new year resolutions.  I totally believe in the ability of people to change their lives (if I didn’t … it really wouldn’t sense for me to be called The SHIFT-IT Coach now would it?!).  However most of this advice tends to be pretty boring and conservative – the same old, same old.

So, to spice things up a bit, I’m going to share some of what I feel are the very best ‘frontier’ tools out there right now (frontier as in alternative/cutting edge … or bleeding edge according to some folks).  Tools that can be used to kick off your New Year’s with a bang ,or better yet, used consistently throughout the year for steady and accelerating results.

First, a few thoughts about the change process in general:

Change Is Not a One Shot Deal:
First off, change is ongoing. It’s a process not a one shot deal (unless you have some sort of amazing, rare awakening experience). It takes work, it takes discipline and its about taking consistent actions (even if the action is thinking a different way, one thought at a time).  We have created our lives the way they currently are.  If you want to change your life, then you are going to have to do some things differently to get different results.

Change is Challenging Yet Possible:
While change can be hard, difficult and challenging as heck … it is possible. And it does get easier the more you work at it and do things that support your growth and advancement.  It’s the most difficult at the beginning (budging that inertia and resistance is killer).  If you stick with it, the pendulum will swing.  Don’t let anyone tell you that people don’t change.  They do.  I see it all the time.  And having the belief that it is possible (and possible for you) is a necessity.

Being Positive is Key (and LOA understanding is a must!):
I know, I know. There is a lot of backlash about The Law of Attraction and its more simplistic vehicles (like “The Secret”).  At its worse, its a bunch of magical thinking – especially if you don’t really get to the core of what it is all about.  However, I do know that learning to be more positive is going to serve you (it certainly has in my own life and with my organizational and coaching clients).

You don’t have to immediately become an annoying Pollyanna.  However, it is going to behoove you to reach for better feeling thoughts (as an individual and/or as a member of a group).  If you’ve learned negative, pessimistic or depressing habits of thought from family, societal, organizational and other cultural systems – there is something you can do about it.  Learning to think a different way is going to really serve you and change your circumstances.

There are many Law of Attraction and positive psychology tools on the market.  The material I use myself and recommend the most is the Art of Allowing and The Teachings of Abraham via Jerry and Esther Hicks (although some people are understandably turned off as it is channeled material … something that took me years to get comfortable with too – given my rationalist/linear background).

Their Art of Allowing material is really an enlightenment path.  If you diligently apply and practice the principles, you will learn a different way of being and will shift your life.  Plus its funny and amusing – who knew enlightened, non-physical beings could have such a sense of humor!

Meditation and Quieting Your Mind Is a Good Backup:
Learning to focus your mind in more positive ways is not an easy task.  Its simple – you just poke around for better feeling thoughts and think them.  But it has to be done over and over again to build up new neuro-pathways in your brain.  Its like weight-training for your mind (pushing better thoughts around again and again until your chemical soup starts to change for the better).

In the meantime, one of other best things you can do is quiet your thinking mind through meditation (if you can’t think positive, at least learn to shut off the negative noise for a bit and give your system and negative attracting a break!).  Meditation has been toted for centuries as part of the arsenal for awakening and scientists have proven its efficacy.  There are fantastic new tools that can help you meditate efficiently (lull the monkey mind).

My top recommendations are Bill HarrisHolosync program (I’ve been using it for three years) and integral guru Ken Wilber’s Integral Life Practice Starter Kit.  Also, pharmacologist Candice Pert covers some really interesting ground about the brain chemistry of emotions in her new audio program, To Feel Go(o)d: The Science & Spirit of Bliss.

Work with Your Sub-Personalities:

Did you know that you (and all of us) have little parts or sub-personalities running around inside yourself?  Some of these sub-personalities benefit your life and your change process. They are aligned with your goals and evolving vision.  However other of your sub-personalities, for different reasons, fight or resist your goals.  Mediating and resolving conflicts with your sub-personalities can ‘magically’ create shifts. Where there was once blocks and stubborn resistance, there is now free flowing energy and harmony.

Are sub-personalities true?  I really don’t know.  I just know that doing sub-personality work often makes people feel better (if they are open to it).  I’ve been trained in the method and really enjoy it (my SHIFT-IT Process has a sub-personality activity in it called Inner Alignment).  Other sub-personality work that I recommend: Voice Dialogue (Hal & Sidra Stone’s work), Orin’s Guided Meditations (the spiritual ‘lightbody” work of Sanaya Roman) and Theo’s Soul Integration theories (deep spiritual work along the lines of inner child work (via direct voice medium Sheila Gillette) … the guide that helped Esther Hicks open to her amazing abilities).

Start Your Day Off Right – Create Your Day:
To let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right.“-Ramtha

Have you seen the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?  Are you aware of the teacher called Ramtha?  Ok, I’m really stepping out into fringe territory here.  Ramtha is a controversial figure in ‘frontier thinking’ circles.  Another teacher that is channeled, in this case through the psyche and body of J.Z. Knight from Yelm, Washington.  Whatever you think of Ramtha (and I haven’t quite decided my own feelings yet) he/she/it has some really fascinating ideas/processes.  One of which is the Create Your Day talk – guidance on waking up and taking responsibility for yourself and your life.

Experience the Innovation of Graphic Coaching:

Ok, I’ve given everyone else’s products and processes a plug, so I’m going to mention one of my own: my SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit.

The SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit is a product that you can use at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home (the same powerful visual tools that I put my private clients through to reach clarity about their lives to date and how to manifest what they next want).

And, if you’d like the camaraderie of a group coaching experience, we go through the Kit step-by-step in the 7-week SHIFT-IT Tele-Class Series. A fun telephone coaching group (using both left and right brain practices) that attracts people from all over the world.  The next one starts in just a few weeks (January 13th) … to tie into the juicy New Years energy.

Make 2008 a Breakthrough Year:
Different tools, processes and teachers resonate with different people.  Again, follow your own internal guidance for what feels best to you. There are many approaches ranging from the linear-rational to the very intuitive-spiritual … and everything in between.  My intent has  been to share a few with you that you might not already be aware of.  Shake up the options a bit!  We are each on our own journey of evolution and development.  Whichever techniques you employ, I hope 2008 is a fun, exhilarating and breakthrough year for you and that you Become Your Next Self!

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