A Tool to Ride the Economic Winds

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It’s been a windy time of late with the economic and political happenings in the U.S. and abroad whipping up an emotional and physical storm. And a hugely important time from a vibrational standpoint – because, how we focus now will determine what kind of future we create individually and collectively.

A Stew of Vibrations:

Those of you who have been reading my zine for a while, know I’m a champion of good Law of Attraction principles. I’m a firm believer that ours is an energetic universe. Everything first gets created on the thought and emotional level before it manifests into physical form. Right now, we’re seeing a battle of vibrations going on, in the so-called civilized world. How we choose to think and feel now will have ramifications for our future. And, every vibrational vote counts as the probabilities are still lining up (cause we are all creating this together).

Are You Focusing on What You Truly Want?

It’s easy with the swirling frenzy going on right now to be knocked off of your vibrational game. You might usually be an easy going, optimistic and positive person, but after a steady barrage of mainstream media and rattled friends and family you too find yourself a little shaken and stirred.

Its ok, don’t knock yourself for getting pulled off. That’s normal. But what isn’t normal is getting back on the horse again and focusing on what you truly do want – instead of just staying mired in the contrast and negativity.

Nobody can vibrate for you – but they sure as heck can influence you to make a vibrational choice. What I want to do is influence you to make a vibrational choice that actually serves you (and all of us) rather than have you influenced by the ‘dark side’.

Find & Tell Yourself Thoughts That Feel Better

The blogosphere and twitosphere is awash in diverse ideas and perceptions about what is currently going on. I invite you to pay attention to your reaction to all of this material. Notice which of it makes you feel good and which doesn’t. It’s imperative that you start turning off that which doesn’t make you feel good and primarily focus on that which does. Because how you feel is everything – how you feel is your ‘vibration’… and that is what is contributing to the energetic soup that we are all swimming in.

Let me reassure you that it is NOT selfish to feel good; in fact, it can be the most SELFLESS act going because of how your energy contributes to all of us. The more happy, secure and optimistic people we have plugged in, the better it is for the collective overall. Its not ‘Pollyanna’, ‘being in denial’ or ‘childish’ to think this way — its progressive, cutting edge and truly mature and collaborative.

FLIP IT, Flip It Good

A simple vibrational exercise to take your focus off of what you don’t want and onto what you do… is my FLIP IT, Flip It Good map. You write down all the blah, blah, blah that is going on your head about this economic and political stuff and do the discipline of ‘flipping it’ into better feeling thoughts. The trick is, that you MUST poke around and find thoughts that truly make you FEEL better – that bring at least a little itty bitty bit of relief to your stressed out system. That is the way out of this crazy making stuff.

My Gift to You – The FLIP-IT Good e-Book:

If you are caught in the negative riptide about the economy and politics right now – I invite you to do a FLIP IT Good map. I’m gifting you the whole instructional booklet which I usually se-ll. Simply click here to download your own fr-ee copy and I invite you to share it with as many people as you like. The more people doing their FLIPs the better for all of us!

Send In Your FLIP IT Maps:

I’ve posted my own FLIP IT Map on my blog… to give you a further example of how this is done (and to offer you some different ways of thinking about the current so-called ‘crisis’). If you feel pulled to, go ahead and send me your own maps and we’ll post them up on the blog too. Just scan in and/or photo your completed maps and send jpg files to info@shift-it-coach.com or fax us at (815) 572-5154 and we’ll convert them for you.

If this topic continues to swirl, I’m thinking of doing a fr-ee virtual seminar on it next week — host a general discussion and faciliate some folks thru the creation of their FLIP IT good maps. And/or if you have a list of folks, bring me in to do a fr-ee tele-seminar to share this valuable tool and information with your group.

Be a (Wo)man and Not a Mouse:

I implore you to be a (wo)man about this and not a mouse! Now is not the time to default to what everyone else thinks. Now is the time to be a strong individual and start thinking like your best and true self thinks. Its time to be a vibrational warrior if you will – to get your focus and vibrational act together… not just for yourself, but for all of us. With enough people focusing and vibrating in a calm and assertive manner we can manifest a probable reality that feels much better for everyone!

© 2008 Christina L. Merkley

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