Graphic Recording of Obama’s Speech

As many of you know, I was a graphic recorder for years, and still continue to privately teach and mentor people in these skills. What’s ‘graphic recording’ you say? Well, it’s a visual way of capturing the key thoughts, essence and ‘knowledge nuggets’ of a live presentation, talk, address, etc. If you’d like more info, check out my other site at… tons of info in there, especially in the services and articles sections.

With the historic event of American President Obama being sworn into office this week, many of my graphic colleagues picked up their markers to record the fantastically inspiring content.

Here’s a fabulous interpretation by Stephanie Crowley of Chrysalis Studio

Stephanie also has a must see video that show’s a time lapsed process of a large mural project. It’s great! …

For another very cool graphic summary of Obama’s speech, see ‘Loosetooth’ (have never really understood that name, but hey) … Brandy Agerbeck’s blog .

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