A Note from Christina

Happy New Year!  I’m wishing you all the best for 2009.  I’m not a big fan of Christmas, but I truly love it when the old year changes into the new one … such a feeling of freshness – a great new energetic.

It’s going to be such an interesting year is my feeling – a historic one.  How can it not with so many traditional institutions going through big shake-ups and re-orientations.  This is what happens when needed shifts in trajectories occur.  It can feel disorientating, scary, nerve-wracking and also downright exciting when the old ways of doing things shift over to new and improved ones.  It’s just getting through the transition period that is the kicker!

Coaching CircleTalking about transition periods (how’s that for a segue!) … we just started a new session of The SHIFT-IT Virtual Group.  A great group of SHIFTers from North America and Europe.  We had our launch call on Monday and it feels like this one has a really special energy to it — given the different transitions that each participant is personally going through … and the transition that the planet is currently going through too!  Come join us as we SHIFT our vibes in this New Year energy.  Registrations are still happening up until class two on Monday the 12th.  Join Here.

And, talking about vibration … (another graceful segue there, I’m on a roll eh), here’s an article on vibration and The Law of Attraction as applied to relationship.  An area many of my clients (and myself!) are in the process of SHIFTing this year … so it seemed a fitting subject to write about.

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