A Note from Christina

Wow, what a powerful day. It’s Tuesday (I write the ezine a few days before it goes out) … and my heart is zinging away from the energy of this morning.Hope Congratulations to President Obama. And congratulations to the energy shift that he, his family and his administration is such a lovely symbol of … a shift in consciousness that is going on all over the world. Millions of people and their desires for improvement made this particular manifestation happen as well as more that are surely on their way. The SHIFT is occurring.

As a student and teacher of Law of Attraction and SHIFTing one’s focus and energy … I can’t help but be struck by Obama’s very powerful use of language. ‘Yes, We Can’, ‘Choose Hope Not Fear’ and ‘Be the Change’. Yes, its politics and yes he has wise spin doctors, etc. who know exactly what they are doing. But its still stirring as heck and it is totally aligned with working us up the vibrational scale … not down it like the fear mongers do. Nice to see a positive upwards spiral for a change!

And, also nice to see an emphasis on systemic change being dependent how we all, collectively, choose to focus our thoughts and actions. We’ve got some major contrast going on in the world (economics, terrorism/war, environment, etc) … and a huge opportunity to use that contrast to clarify what we really do want and get going! I’m so excited to see how this societal and planetary will unfold in the months, years and decades ahead.

Now … onto the ‘dirty word’ I promised you!

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