Obamify Yourself!

If you are like me, you find Obama’s message of hope to be inspiring and truly uplifting.  And, I’ve loved his iconic posters – the HOPE ones. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Paste Magazine has created this cool application where you can ‘Obamify Yourself’ … adding your own image and it applies that cool red, white and blue look.

I did two of them.  One with Hope, because it was inspiring to see myself framed with that same language (It activates a part of myself that is doing her best to use her own skills to help the current shift that is happening … and join the sea of others who are also doing so).


And, I did one with ‘Abraham Hicks fan’ underneath it.  Because whether he or his team is aware of Abraham-Hicks (Jerry and Esther Hicks and The Teachings of Abraham) or not, their language and the feelings and vibration that it evokes is pure Abraham baby!  Its so exciting to see it evoked in such a large, dramatic, powerful (and commercially backed) way!


Join the tribe! To create your own Obama themed graphic, visit www.obamicon.me

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