Inside Look at Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise

Just got back from my Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise … had a fantastic time (this is my fourth cruise with them – love it!).

See below for a quick onsite look – off my balcony at pretty and warm Cabo San Lucas.

Not allowed to digitally record any of the actual Abraham workshops … so check out for how you can order the actual recordings of the Law of Attraction based workshop.

I did take some notes in my graphic recording style … will post them as soon as I get them properly scanned (probably in another week). I was on the same cruise last year, CLICK HERE to see my graphic notes from last time.

2 comments on “Inside Look at Abraham-Hicks Mexico Cruise

  1. ROBERTO on

    Tnx for the video… I will love to know your experiencie on Abraham… specially, how your life as been improved…

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