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When people go for their goals, it’s not unusual for them to be excited, nervous and sometimes a little freaked out.  After all a new personal and/or professional Vision requires becoming a bigger person – or at least a different person than whom we have been in the past.

However, when I encounter unusually high levels of doubt, anxiety or resistance in a client during and after their Vision creation process …  I wonder if an ‘orphan’ is in our midst (some leftover energy from a past trauma that needs to be soothed, softened and integrated so they can more easily move towards what it is they say they want).


‘Orphan’ is a term that the non-physical intelligence known as THEO uses in their “Soul Integration Process” (Theo has been channeled by medium Sheila Gillette for 25 years).   In this process, the core emotional patterns that have created energetic blockages prohibiting us from being happy and fully expressed are explored and resolved.

These blockages are named ‘orphans’ as they are fragmented, unresolved aspects of ourselves – our ‘children’ if you will … children who have been abandoned along the way, who are still effecting us in our day to day lives.

In times of high emotional stress (like the economic and political restructuring that most of the ‘developed’ world is currently going through) these orphans show themselves by the things we get overly ‘triggered’ by.  They act out – and in their acting out there is the opportunity to bring their existence to the surface and finally accept and integrate them.

The fascinating (perhaps provocative) thing with Theo’s philosophy is that these orphans (unlike just regular ‘inner child’ work) can be ‘multi-dimensional’. This means that the core or earlier event that is being triggered by your present circumstances could reside in the past of this life … or, it could reside in your much more distant past (as in your past lives or your lives in other, parallel dimensions).  Yeah, I know, trippy stuff eh!

Soul Integration Process

Theo’s Soul Integration Process involves making contact with and integrating these aspects of our larger soul – bringing them home if you will.  Not unlike the soul retrieval work conducted by shamans and other spiritual facilitators.

They teach that “times of high emotional expression or agitation are optimum for you to go inside, to meet that fragmented aspect of your soul, or yourself, that is acting out, to have your own personal shamanic journey to the core of your being, to really begin to own your ‘stuff’, to take full responsibility for your behavior patternings, on your way to becoming impeccable in all of your interactions with yourself and others”.  (Soul Truth, p. 12).


(I’m paraphrasing what Theo writes about and has guided me to do in my own journeys … this is how I currently understand their process):

Step 1: Recognize You Are Being Triggered
The first step is awareness – spotting when you are being triggered by something in your environment.  Chances are you will feel strong reactions in your body (clenched fists, pit in your stomach feeling, sweats, anger, fear, etc).  When you have any of these sensations, recognize that this means you are being overtly triggered.  And that this is very useful information that you can go inside and work with (when you have the quiet and time to do so).

Step 2: Work With It By Asking This Simple Question
Due to everyday life, you may not be able to do this instantly in the moment it is happening, but you can always make a note of it and come back to your trigger when you have the time to go within.  When you do, summon up your original reaction and ask this simple question: “Who inside is uncomfortable”?

Step 3: Listen to and Trust What Answers
Now, for those who aren’t used to pluming their depths, this can be vital – listen and wait … and be receptive to ANYTHING that comes back to you as an answer.  You may get flashes of memories in your mind.  You may hear a song from your youth.  Or smell something.  Or think of somebody in particular.  Its important that you not discount what comes up for you … that you remain open (this is your larger consciousness communicating with you – trust it!).

Step 4: Determine Age, Place and Circumstances
If a memory comes up from your past, ask yourself: “How old am I?  When and where am I?  What occurred to me?  Write down your answers (again, be open to what you are receiving, it will contain useful information for you).

If you discover that what you are making contact with isn’t from your own past or childhood – continue to ask the questions and see what information you can gather.  You might have historical imagery, landscapes, feelings, etc play through your senses.  Just go with it.

Step 5: Open Communications and Soften and Soothe
You now have an opportunity to dialogue with this orphan of yours (be it from your own youth or from some other multi-dimensional aspect of yourself or the collective unconscious).  Ask it to communicate how it is feeling and why. Find out what you can about its circumstances.

Also, seek to understand how this orphan’s circumstances are of the same essence or ‘vibration’ as the modern day thing that triggered you in the first place – there will be some sort of connection or similarity. You were triggered in the present day because your emotions are not just about the present … they are also connected to these past events as well (a ripple effect of emotions through the years or dimensions).

In my view, this Soul Integration process is compatible with the Abraham-Hicks’ Law of Attraction material that I often write about and facilitate in my Merkley’s Manifestation Mastermind.  In short, we are working our orphans up Abraham’s ‘emotional scale’.   As a mature, capable adult in command from our own time and space we nurture, properly parent and soothe our fragmented selves – and rescue them from the timeframe they are stuck in.  For the multi-dimensional orphans (which may or may not be children), we do the same.

Step 6: Invitation for Integration
Theo’s final step is an integration finale.  A deceptively simple but nonetheless powerful process of bringing our orphans ‘back home’.  For our child selves, we project our adult selves into their realities and bring them back.  How do we do this?  By simply explaining to them that they no longer need to stay in their unpleasant circumstances – that they can come forward with us in time and integrate into our adult life. That in effect we ‘bring them home with us’ and become their proper parent and guardian.

With the case of our multi-dimensional selves, the same process can occur.  We can explain that they no longer need to keep playing out the scenario they are locked in for eternity.  That we live in a different time and much better circumstances now.  Ask if they would like to leave the circumstances that are causing them such grief (they will always say yes, or there are ways to negotiate a yes if they are concerned about certain logistics).  Then bring them back, imagining them integrating into who you are now – happily.

Step 7: Relief and Vibrational Difference
Obviously this is deep work (and the subtleties can be a challenge to get across if you aren’t familiar with inner work like this … you may need a facilitator).  The shift in awareness that one gets by doing the Soul Integration Process is powerful and it can range from the very subtle to the profound.  An emotional release occurs when we recognize and dialogue with these different aspects of ourselves.  It’s not about getting rid of our orphans (after all, the problem is that they have been abandoned in the first place) – it is about meeting them, loving them, and integrating them back into ourselves. Giving them a proper home.

In the loving and acceptance of them, the charge is lifted.  As we do our Soul Integration work we experience less and less reaction to the outside world – because we have integrated those aspects within and hence stop attracting them outside.

Some Examples:

Soul Integration work is not something I do with all clients, as it doesn’t always present itself.  But when it does, it can be fascinating the kinds of links and connections that are made, and the relief that happens as a result.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs when spontaneous Roman and battle imagery emerged (Civil War, Mongolian, WWI and II, etc)… as they dealt with their plans to expand their business or deal with succession issues in their present day businesses.  I’ve had the pleasure of assisting sweet coaches and helping professionals who are hampered by abandonment, disempowerment and betrayal scenarios from this life and others.  And with progressive professionals in organizations or independent practices who stumble upon past persecution imagery (religious purges, witch trials, ethnic wars, etc) as they attempt to navigate their corporate structures and protocols and still be true to themselves.

For myself, I’ve had imagery come up from Egyptian times (back when I was a high end scribe working meticulously … hmmmm, any wonder that I was drawn to Graphic Recording early on?).  And from lots of problematic slave, disenfranchised women, fighting leaders and secret healer life times (its tough to be ahead of your time, the so-called weaker gender or on the wrong end of a conquering invasion!).  Besides the more dramatic past life stuff, I’ve also worked with many memories from my childhood as a traveling air force brat.

Theo says these orphans can be taken literally – that we are literally making contact across time and space.  Whether this is true, or these encounters are just useful metaphors that help us unlock our blocked and inhibited energy, I still find it uber interesting … and a fascinating thing to explore if you are so inclined!

P.S. for more information on Theo and the Soul Integration Process, see (they have a guided Soul Integration meditation available online) or read more about this unique process in their new book, Soul Truth.

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  1. nadira on

    WOW, thank you so much for this! I love Abraham’s teachings and I recently had a call in session with Theo. They mentioned my orpahns, and you have done a beautiful job by explaining it all!

    There is tremendous appreciation here for you!

  2. Andrea on

    Yes, Im dealing with an orphan myself hanging around, long after I the other ones have integrated. Thank you for this. Very helpful and informative.

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