Attract, Engage and Retain Millennials through Graphic Facilitation

written by, Deirdre Crowley and Phil Kiracofe

They’re like Generation X on steroids,” says Bruce Tulgan, a founder of Rainmaker Thinking, which studies young people in the workplace. “They walk in with high expectations for themselves, their employer, and their boss. If you thought you saw a clash when Generation X came into the workplace; that was the fake punch. The haymaker is coming now.”

The growing influx of the Millennial Generation into the workplace represents the greatest shift in generational work styles ever recorded. The Millennials are fundamentally different from their older colleagues. In order to attract, engage and retain the best and brightest young talent, particularly in a challenging and competitive economy, organizations must be willing to embrace new ways of working to support a smooth integration of work-style preferences unique to Millennials and to build understanding across the generational divide. Due to the nature of this shift, the use of graphic facilitation is an ideal approach to support the necessary organizational transition.

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