Free ‘Intro to Graphic Coaching’ Webinar, April 17th

Join me, Christina Merkley (graphic coaching pioneer)  for an informative, fun and info-packed F-R-E-E webinar on using visuals in coaching, counselling, speaking, facilitation, training and consulting settings.


 Date: Thurs. April 16,

 Time: Noon-1:30 pm Pacific (1pm Mn, 2pm Cntrl, 3pm Eastern)

 In this session I will share:

* The Benefits of Working Visually

* What Graphic Coaching Is

* My Journey to Evolve This Unique Coaching Niche

* Range of Formats/Processes

* Tips To Add ‘Graphics’ to Your Own Toolkit

* Resources for Developing Your Skills & Abilities

 … and more!


Apply these visual techniques to a whole myriad of personal development techniques & processes, including:

Brainstorming/idea generation, life mapping, visioning, personal planning & action plans, counseling, conflict resolution/mediation techniques, succession planning, entrepreneur/partner heart-to-hearts, family councils, emotional freedom techniques, sub-personality/psycho synthesis work, law of attraction & manifestation processes, inner child work, tarot readings, etc

… basically whatever process(es) YOU do with your clientele! 

Register for this f-r-e-e INTRO TO GRAPHIC COACHING SEMINAR Now 

 If you are unable to make the live webinar, no problem! …  register anyways and we’ll send you the playback video as soon as its ready!

For More Information and Registration

I look forward to sharing my experience and provoking all sorts of creativity within you! 


Doodlers Unite,


Christina Merkley

Graphic Coaching Pioneer


P.S. Also, hear about my new Global Community of Graphic Coaches (GCGC) … an easy way to help us graphic helping professionals to link with one another from across the globe!

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