A Note From Christina

Flags Flying
Showing friend Beth Schneider the Island

Flags Flying

With Cathy Goodwin, Seattle Waterfront


Ahhhh, I love the Pacific Northwest summer.  With early birthday celebrations (the real day is Tuesday but I will be working), going over to Seattle to catch the Abraham-Hicks workshop, and seeing all sorts of new and old friends – well, let’s just say I have been having A LOT of fun lately. 

Good thing I know that having fun and running your energy in a high vibe is the best thing you can do for yourself … it pays off in all areas of your work and life! 

The Abraham-Hicks workshop was amazing, as per usual.  One of my very favorite sources for good, solid Law of Attraction information. 

Several clients and e-Zine readers have recently attended Abraham workshops or cruises due to my writing about and recommending them.  I love turning people onto their wisdom!  …for those of you who have yet to catch Abe for the first time. When you do, let me know how it goes for you!


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