Ask Xina: How Come Esther Hicks Isn’t Perfect?!

Here is an interesting Ask Christina Question that came in via my website from e-zine reader Oscar.

Hi Christina.  I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for your opinion on something close to my heart.
I am a huge fan of the Hicks and yet… I have a question;  If Esther Hicks is right about our thoughts and our attitude being ultimately responsible for how our food is processed by our bodies, why does she not look half her age? She could eat anything whe wants, love it and carry less than 15% body fat.This is a very important question for me and a dear friend who is dealing with Cancer and who just didnt “get into” Esther. I gave him a
copy of Esther’s DVD “Think and Get Slim” which has her best asnwers to health questions over a 2 year period. He just thought she was phony and that really did push a button in me and re-surfaced this question I had.

I can imagine that Esther may be choosing to stay looking the way she does.  However, I wonder if she really could assimilate junk food as well as she claims she could just through the virtue of her better feeling thoughts about the junk food.

I have always resonated with Esther and yet… I would love to look at her blood minutes after she polished a bottle of wine to see how her attitude kept her blood cells from sticking, as this is normally what happens withing minutes of drinking alcohol.

Any thoughts will be muchly appreciated.
Kindest regards and best wishes!


Hi Oscar.

You seem to forget that Esther and ‘Abraham’ ( are not the same person/entity.  Abraham is the one who is offering the information (non-physical intelligence). Esther is just a woman/person like the rest of us – doing her best to integrate the information and apply it.  She gets what she focuses on.

I don’t know what her desires are for her body.  Occassionally Abraham uses stories from her life that mention that she is not particularly happy with her weight (in our current culture, its a fair one of us who truly is!).  So, if she continues to chronically feel like that, she’ll continue to get the same sort of results.  It proves the Law of Attraction, doesn’t discount it.

I know some folks seem to think Jerry and Esther should live exemplary lives. And, for the most part, in my opinion, they do.  However, they have their issues, to – they are human. As we all are. That doesn’t mean that the Law of Attraction is bogus or Esther is a fake. Its means that they still have some work to do in their alignment on certain issues.

My opinion is that they are both very genuine people who have accomplished magnificient things.  They are still in process too.  I find that refreshing myself – but I can understand how some folks have a problem with that.

Take care Oscar.  Great question! ~Christina 🙂
Christina Merkley
The SHIFT-IT Coach

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