How to Expand Your Ability to Receive

I’ve been going through another big shift in my life and business – a good one (with a revamped team, larger contracts, more volumes and my new Certification Program … and fun in my personal life too) and in looking back on what caused it; I attribute a lot of it to my increased ability to receive.

Upper Limits:
In order to speak to you about receiving I first need to talk a little about ‘upper limits’.  I first heard of this term many years ago via Gay and Katie Hendricks – relationship teachers.  They used the term to discuss a concept that happens a lot in couples – when one or both people encounter their ‘upper limits’ in terms of intimacy and closeness and then consciously (or more likely, unconsciously) sabotage the relationship in some way to bring it back down to what they are more familiar or comfortable with.  In Law of Attraction speak we would call this bringing it back to the more familiar vibration.

Upper limits can happen in all sorts of life areas – in relationship (the types, duration and intensity levels of intimacy and closeness that you are able to sustain), in money (the amounts, frequency and duration of money and financial prosperity that you are able to allow) and in success (how ‘high’ you let yourself fly, your comfort with visibility and exposure, and how extended your structures, systems and networks become).  Just to give you a few examples.

Comfort Zones:
In going through my own SHIFTS and in helping my clients through theirs, I have a front row seat to seeing ‘comfort zones’.  People most often come to me when they are playing in a certain zone and want to bust through to another.  But unfortunately that new zone is unfamiliar and hence uncomfortable to them to varying degrees.  My job is to help them get acquainted with it – to be become familiar with it.  To ‘find the feeling place’ of it.  And often, to validate the new zone … make it ok for them to want it and more importantly to HAVE it.

Blocks to Receiving:
Depending on the issue, different people can have different blocks that interfere with their ability to receive what they say they want.  For example, in relationships, some people (myself included) have fears about the limits that relationships will place on them.  Or are afraid of repeating past unpleasant experiences.  For money, some people have family and societal programming about what level of money is ok for them to receive and how they should go about getting it.  And, in success, there are all sorts of saying about ‘being too big for your britches’ or ‘tall poppy syndrome’ (don’t stand out too tall or you’ll be chopped off).

Make It Ok for You to HAVE:
If you are to shift from one zone to another you must make it internally ok for you to make that move – make it ok for you to have what it is you want to have (no qualms).  This is an internal journey that no one can take for you – you must make it yourself (although a good coach can guide you through the steps!).  You must uncover the limitations that you are placing on yourself, examine them and ‘flip them’ … change them out with thoughts that FEEL better. And, it can’t just be affirmations that you don’t really believe – these new thoughts have to truly be authentic for you, at least eventually!

Remember, It’s An Expansive Universe:
One erroneous belief that creates interference for a lot of people is that in order for them to expand they are somehow taking away from others or being selfish, self-centered or greedy.  One thing that I have taken great comfort in from the Abraham-Hicks material (the source of Law of Attraction information that I’ve been studying for years) is the premise that the universe expands and it can accommodate EVERYONE’S desires.

We are not hampered by limited resources, we are hampered by the inability of people to reach energetic alignment with what they want. As people align, the universe figures out a way to accommodate the desires – and does that for EVERYONE who finds their alignment (new reserves are discovered, new technologies or methods are created, etc). So there is no taking away from anyone else. Its all an internal game of energy alignment, everyone gets what they want and there is enough!

F.r.e.e. Resource: Focus Wheel Webinar:
A powerful way to align yourself to what you want (and to increasing your ability to receive) is to step-by-step talk yourself up the ‘emotional scale’ on subjects that you have resistance on.  A powerful process that does this is a fantastic exercise from Abraham-Hicks called The Focus Wheel.  In this exercise, you start with the contrast of what you don’t like.  Use it to identify what you do want. Then are off and running in collecting up thoughts that match what you do want – which in turn shifts your vibrational point of attraction.

Individual Journey:
Aligning to your desires is an individual emotional journey.  Of uncovering your blocks and expanding your ok-ness to having what you want.  You can have what you want.  The only thing that is standing in your way is you and your internal alignment.  So do your inner work, open up your arms, and receive what is coming in for you.  It really is ok for you to have what you want – truly!

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