Ask Xina: How Do I Follow Abraham’s Advice About Not Adjusting Down?

Hi Christina, I know you are super busy, but wondering if you can help us with this Abraham-Hicks quote a little?? I understand not adjusting down ever — so how to adjust?  Much Love, Lynette

In order to help someone who’s in a very different vibrational frequency, you’ve got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not adjust our vibrational frequency down—ever. We would not introduce more resistance in our vibration for any reason whatsoever, because disconnecting yourself from resources does not give them more to eat.  — Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop in Tarrytown, NY on Saturday, October 9th, 2004)


Hi Lynette and Melanie.  Yup, am super busy, but I also love Abraham-Hicks related questions.  So I’m going to answer this.  But please know it is quick and off the top of my head.

The problem with some of these Abraham-Hicks quote for folks who aren’t too familiar with their work and overall concepts (and for those of us who are!) is that they are too truncated … they don’t give you the fuller context or more elaborate explanation of what Abraham says.  What Abe more fully says (if I am remembering and summarizing correctly) is that you have to see the person as you know them to be, not as they are currently being.  Like as a coach/facilitator, we hold the image of our clients being ‘creative, resourceful and whole’ even when they aren’t currently in the vortex themselves and have lost sight/feel of that.

No matter who they person is (doesn’t just have to be a coach with their client … but can be you with anybody) we take the attitude and focus on finding our knowing that they are capable.  We know they will get back to that.  Whatever is going on is just a temporary thing (is not the full truth of who they are).  We find the alternative reality or feeling place of them bouncing back again (or getting to whatever it is that they want, that they have perhaps never had yet).

I think what this quote is about is that we don’t help anyone by going down with them and joining them in their misery or erroneous beliefs about themselves, their abilities, their worth, their capabiity, their possibility …..  If we slide down there and join them, then two people are down in the weeds. We need to keep ourself up and in the vortex. Holding that vision of them being there in their ‘vibrational escrow’ (Abraham’s term of where all our good stuff is, just waiting for us to align with).  Holding that vision of them and feeling them as that, is the most powerful thing we can do for them  (and for ourselves, because it feels MUCH BETTER than believing the crappy stuff.  If we agree with their limitations, or tone ourselves down to join them … well, both lights/vibes have been dimmed instead of just one.

Obviously this is sometimes easier said than done.  It is all about the energy of the heart.  Keep yourself in good feeling stuff. Think good feeling thoughts about the other person. Remember their good times.  Remember all the positive aspects.  Keep having fun in life yourself.  Everyone’s vibe is ultimately their own responsibility.  In the bigger picture, we help them, the planet, evolution etc when we chose to stay in the vortex ourself, or get ourselves back in it as quick as we can.

Hope that helps Lynette.  Thanks for the question.  ~Christina  🙂

Christina Merkley, The SHIFT-IT Coach
Christina Merkley

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  1. Ali on

    I’m glad I saw this tweet and then, the rest of the story. I also get confused sometimes with Abraham’s messages (i’m subscribed to his “dailies”) and this post clarifies more the “feeling-place” of others and the expectation that they are and can be there as long as we, keep on thinking the good thoughts.

    Thanks for the post. Very timely.


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