Inner Ways To Move That Outer Home

In my own private coaching practice, I’ve encountered several clients, in varying places from around the world (Vancouver, London and Miami) who were vibrational stuck in the process of selling their home and came to me for some ‘SHIFT-IT’ coaching to get their process smoothly flowing. Here are some concepts and ideas from these sessions to help you if you are in a similar situation:

1. It Is Possible for You to Have a Successful Experience – No Matter What is Going on Generally in Your Market.

Law of Attraction tells us that we can be, do and have anything that we want. The kicker is we can be, do and have anything that we are ‘vibrationally aligned to’. Which means, we need to get energetically aligned with what we want. We have to become a vibrational match to it in order for us to attract and/or become it.

The first layer of work that often has to be done, depending on what the local real estate conditions are, is to buff up the belief that you can have a successful experience no matter what is generally happening in your area. You can become the exception to the rule.

People are having an unsuccessful experience because they have erroneously bought into the collective beliefs around them. It takes a strongly focused person to think differently and outside of the box of the norm. However, when you do so, you get different results than the norm.

You become the person that your real estate agent raves about. You become the person that things flow for. You become the person that things go right for. And hopefully, in people sharing your story, some of the entrenched thinking shifts too … and suddenly others are getting different results too … all because of the shift in vibration that your positive model caused. A new story gets born … first through you then because of you (your discipline in finding a different way to think and feel).

2. Make Peace With Your Situation

In order for things to move smoothly, you need to get good with your now – you need to make peace with your situation.

Different people have different reasons why they are releasing their residence. Some are happier feeling than others. If yours is not a happy feeling, then you will have to do some inner work to re-frame it as much as you can – so you can shift your vibrational stance to what you are doing.

For example, my Miami client … she is putting her beloved home up for sale because she was not able to effectively reach inner alignment on her new coaching business providing the kind of income she needed and she also allowed her usually mojo in the stock market to become influenced by collective fear. However, she is extremely gifted in the stock market when she listens and follows her own instincts and usual optimism. And she is a very good coach (just has issues about allowing herself to charge and receive a good income for it).

She has a wicked inner gremlin that berates her for her ‘stupidity’ on having to put her house up for sale. We’ve had to work on reframing this self talk. If she was truly a bad-with-money-woman she wouldn’t have owned a house in the first place, let alone have the equity that she does have in it … let alone have the business background she does (this is a woman who single-handedly created a medical transcription business back-in-the-day that was a pioneer in using new tech and employed many people in her region). Like her, you may need to talk back to your negative self-talk and truly see your situation in its right light … not the light of your most negative self. When you do you will find relief and make peace with your situation in a new way, which will make a BIG difference to your vibration (and the results you will attract).

3. Thank Your House

Inner Ways to Move That Outer Home

This might sound silly … but I invite you to have a conversation with your current house and ‘thank it’ … think of it as a person and truly talk with it. Sometimes houses hang onto us … they don’t want us to leave. You may need to thank you house for its years of service to you. Explain to it the many things you are appreciative about. The memories of it and the sanctuary it provided to you (and your family if others lived there and were sheltered by it too). And explain why you are leaving. When our homes feel our love and appreciation and have things explained to them, they feel seen and appreciated, just like people do and become supportive rather than resistant.

With my U.K. client she had an interesting twist. She was hanging on out of fear and old scripts (thinking she had to have a mortgage and be a home owner because that is what is generally expected of ‘proper adults’ … even though her daughter was no longer a child and she and her husband are creative, untraditional kinds of people with a yen for travel and culture).

When she talked to her house … she found that the house was in fact encouraging her to leave. That it wanted new people who would put some effort into it (they had been holding off on doing renovations, etc). And, this particular house had a history of being a haven for artistic people. It had already sheltered three families during their transition time … who eventually left for more creative, alternative lifestyles elsewhere. Her house was egging her on to go for it too!

4. Pre-Pave Happy, Delighted New Owners

Inner Ways to Move That Outer Home

My Vancouver client really loved her house and underneath we discovered that she was concerned that nobody would treat it as well as she had.

To remedy this, I had her do a Law of Attraction process called ‘pre-paving’ or ‘virtual reality’. I had her imagine fabulous new owners for her home. People that would love and appreciate her home as much as she did. And, lo and behold, wouldn’t you know that is exactly who got attracted and put in an offer just a few weeks later!

5. Find the Feeling Place of Having Done It

Find the Feeling Place of Having Done It

A final thing for you to consider and do when wanting to speed up the process of selling your home (and bring yourself some much needed relief during the process) is to imagine yourself done and complete with the whole thing.

See (and feel!) yourself having the bill of sa.le in your hot little hands. Imagine a gigantic smile on your face. And funds in your bank account (if that is what you situation holds). If you have sold a home previously then remember the great parts of that experience. Milk it! Get the feeling of ‘so.ld’ coursing through your system. Tell yourself “I am good at this. I am a natural. Things work out well for me”.

Go out and buy yourself an ‘easy’ button (at Staples for those of you who live in North America). So you can whack that thing when you sell your home quickly, easily and with a lot of fun (yes, it can be done that way, first you have to imagine it so!).

Find the Feeling Place of Having Done It

Whew, well there you have it. A little longer article than usual cause this is a topic I have a lot of passion and interesting breakthroughs with. Plus, I know I have a lot of home sellers and also real estate agents and developers on my list … so this will give you folks some good food for thought!

Ohhhh, and for when you do sell … please remember who helped you with your vibration … I look forward to receiving your happy emails, pictures, or hey, commission cheques are welcomed to! Hee hee. Yours in SHIFTing IT!

© 2010 Christina L. Merkley

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