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Jerry & Esther Hicks and
The Teachings of Abraham

If you are a new e-Zine reader, you may not know of my deep appreciation of The Teachings of Abraham — ala Abraham-Hicks.

Jerry and Esther are the inspirational husband and wife team who have faithfully been bringing this information through and sharing it for the last 20+ years. I’ve attended many of their workshops and cruises and am on the master program for their workshop downloads – their work is an underpinning of mine as The SHIFT-IT Coach.

This weekend I made my annual pilgrimage over to Seattle to attend their Vortex of Creation workshop (the closest they come to me in Victoria B.C. … not counting being a block away when their Alaska cruise comes into port).

Here are a couple of observations and takeaways from the workshop:

1. Esther Is Lookin’ Good

In the workshop recordings of the last few months there have been several references and comments to how good Esther Hicks is looking. Esther has always been a lovely woman however from what I could gather she must have lost weight or something. So it was great to see her in person – she indeed looks fantastic … slim and feminine … and has traded her kind of severe blue suit for a more flowing outfit. She is learning and implementing The Teachings of Abraham just like the rest of us — so I found it very inspirational to see the SHIFT in her physical appearance, as it’s been a bone of contention for her for a while. She’s found a different way to relate to the subject and it shows! Way to go Esther! (for a related blog post, click here).

2. Most of Us Suffer from “Whatis-itis”

At the workshop, Abraham teased that most of us suffer from a bad case of “whatisitis” … the dreaded disease of focusing too much on what currently is. That we get too fixated on what has manifested (symptom of our old focus) and not enough on what is in the process of manifesting (soon to be symptoms of our new focus).

3. Be a ‘Vibrational Realist’

Along the same vein, most people call themselves ‘realists’. Abraham offered that what we want to become are ‘vibrational realists’. To be realists but at the vibrational level of what is coming rather than what has been. Just because things haven’t popped into the physical plane yet doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or aren’t real. They just aren’t physically visible yet. But a vibrational realist knows this — and keeps the faith in terms of what is in the process of becoming.

For instance, I was a vibrational realist with the current life I am leading – long before it became a true-blue physical reality. Years ago I had a vision of working from a beautiful location, doing deeply transformational and creative work, and using technology to connect with people from around the world. This life had a gestational process just like anything that comes into manifestation does – but it all began with the vibrational reality in that original vision and the care and tending I gave it along the way. I had faith that it would happen and it did, I didn’t need physical reality to come first. I trusted that it would pop into being in its own right timing and I continued to put one foot after the other – little by little (following my guidance about what to do next).

4. Stop Trying So Hard

This message was gently emphasized again and again — to let go of effort if it slips into being a problem. Too much pushing and trying to force something can change our energy from light and fun to more complicated and serious. When we really, really want something it can be easy to screw up our energy about it and hence delay or even push it away. Walk away. Drop it. Chill out. Find something else to do that makes you feel good – even if completely unrelated. That is a better approach than trying to force something into being.

5. Don’t Let the One Not in the Vortex Call the Shots

Jerry and Esther have been a close couple for many years and spend their lives working and living together – often on the road traveling in their monster bus (or at least they did … newsflash – they just sold the monster bus!). At the workshop they told a funny story about driving their bus on its last 100 miles with them, before they turned it over to a new owner. They had their first breakdown that required them getting towed!

This story became a teachable moment – about who you let call the shots on decision making. That you want to make sure that it’s the person who is ‘in the vortex’ … their term for being vibrational aligned.

They had a warning light flash on their dashboard prior to the breakdown. Jerry had the intuition to swing into a service operation that wasn’t too far away (that could take minutes or days – as the shop gives priority to long-haul trucks over recreational vehicles). Esther was worried about their tight travel schedule so pushed to get to another shop instead that was further away – to chance it. In hindsight, they learned that Jerry was in the vortex (they would have been fit in easily) and Esther was out – but it was she who called the shots in that scenario. As a result of this learning experience they made a pact to always let the one IN the vortex call the shots.

Attend Your Own Workshop:

Each workshop is different and each person at a workshop hears what they personally need to hear – it’s amazing how that happens. If you are interested to attend an Abraham-Hicks workshop or cruise, check out their workshop schedule for one near you (or at a fun spot that you like to go to … I like California or Mexico during winter time!). If you are new to Abraham, check out my previous post on attending your first Abraham-Hicks workshop. Let me know how it goes for you!

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