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Wow, 2011 sure started with a bang. I’ve had two weeks of back-to-back calls … kicking off my January classes, coaching my Biz and Life Accelerators, doing admissions interviews for the 2011 cohort of Certified Coaches, and handling exit exams for my 2010 coaches-in-training. A busy couple of weeks indeed.

I did find time to fit in some painting on one of the weekends though – my experimentation with acrylic paints continues. My spiral people keep on showing up — with themes of what is on my mind and heart everyday (energy, expansion, breaking out boxes/conventions, universal intelligence, transformation, evolution and the like). That is the great thing about art — I don’t have to define it or have it make intellectual sense … it just comes out in the way that it wants to come out! I find that a very refreshing, fun and magical process. Freeing!

Painting 13: Another Diptych

Painting 13: Another Diptych ... like split/double paintings!

Painting 13: Another Diptych … like split/double paintings!
In the background the last several months I have been working on a new level of my coaching and developing a related product series — tentatively called ‘Self Parenting’. The first visual tool in this new, deeper level of my work (an expansion of the Trouble at the Border section of my SHIFT-IT System®) is emerging and I’m naming it “Orphan Rescue”. Built on my many years of hypnotherapy, inner child rescue, voice dialogue, soul integration and the like. I’m very pleased where this work is going and have chosen to write this issue’s article on this new level of my work and explaining some of the foundational thinking that goes into it.

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