SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc: Business Partner Description

It’s a step in manifestation to write this Business Partner description. For the last few years I have been energetically feeling you. Hopefully the act of writing and distributing this description will bring you into form.

Context and Intro:
I am very pleased with the state of my business. It has been close to 20 years to bring it into its current form. I am a successful creator, consultant, teacher, facilitator and coach. I have moved countries, been instrumental in helping the visual practitioning field develop both in Canada and abroad and have crafted my own particular niche in the use of visuals in coaching and law of attraction work. It has been a fruitful journey and I’m proud of the progress I have made (and the progress my coaching clients, Certified Visual Coaches® and Interactive-Visuals students have made).

WomanWho You Are:
In order to take SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc to the next level and to manifest the next phase of what wants to come into being, I need help. More specifically, I need your help …
You are a skilled process and/or business professional looking for something stable, creative, fun, meaningful and challenging for the next phase of your life, perhaps even for the rest of your professional career (the next 20 years). You are intrigued with the idea of helping mid-wife a niche field through its next developmental phase(s) and having an impact on the lives and livelihoods of countless people from across the globe.

You bring to the table not only valuable business, sales, marketing, curriculum development and classroom delivery skills (both in-person and online) but also a positive, optimistic and loyal outlook. Perhaps you have both internal and entrepreneurial experience and are at a stage where being part of a small, vibrant, unique boutique firm, located in a spectacular part of the world, is appealing. Where you can focus your mind, feelings and talents into a pinpointed area and reap the spiritual and financial rewards that come with that defined scope.

Shepard Interactive-Visuals internationally (and across multiple languages) and provide valuable community, exposure and support to the field and particularly to Certified Visual Coaches®;
Collect and create a full spectrum of Interactive-Visuals and SHIFT-IT related products and merchandise;
Build the SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. team to greater capacities and geographies, including additional workshop leaders, trainers and product development specialists;
Foster a collaborative working environment and corporate culture that is positive, healthy and sustaining;
Continue our own personal growth via Law of Attraction and consciousness practices.

Specifically You:
• Familiarize with Existing Programs/Products and Help Upgrade;
• Develop and Maintain Marketing Campaigns (design and copywriting);
• Assist with New Product Development and Acquisition;
• Assist with Emerging Tech Application (tablets, videos, etc);
• Co-host Online & In-person Programs;

Your Background & Assets:
An appreciation and understanding of the spectrum of Interactive-Visuals methods (custom chart work, visual recording, visual facilitation and visual coaching) with intermediate-level proficiency. Solid sales and marketing experience (ideally with strong online awareness). Comfort with program delivery and development. Curiosity and open-minded approach to computer and communication technology. Solid writing and communication skills. Strong interpersonal, negotiation and expression skills. Comfort and fluency in Law of Attraction and inner work approaches. You live or are willing to move to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Compensation and Shareholder Opportunity:
Compensation comprised of base salary plus profit sharing. Confidentiality and Loyalty Agreements upon commencement of alliance. Possible shareholder opportunity after two years (through investment or equivalent sweat equity).

Exploratory Discussion:
Does this description give you thrill bumps?! If so, I’d like to speak with you. Please contact to request a confidential conversation to explore options.

Christina Merkley
Christina Merkley
SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc.

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