In Your Words: Francesca de Bastiani

Francesca de Bastiani Facilitator, Trainer & Curriculum Developer

Francesca de Bastiani
Facilitator, Trainer &
Curriculum Developer

Are you a visual person? Do you like to work with images that evoke thoughts, emotions and concepts? Do you enjoy using colour, simple lines and succinct vocabulary to tell a story? Do you enjoy discovering with like-minded individuals?

Do you like being mentored by an exciting individual who has a keen ability to “get you” quickly and coach you to develop a clear action plan with meaningful, concrete activity to move you closer to your goals?

When I signed up for Christina Merkley’s Magic Marker Mastermind (MMM), I wasn’t sure what to expect. However I knew that after experiencing her “Fundamentals of Interactive-Visuals” I wanted more! And MORE I got …

I recommend MMM to anyone inclined to explore a fun and direct craft for getting messages across for work, personal life or continuous learning. Be ready to work large, Large, LARGE! The experience is very liberating in an extremely safe environment. I am in no way an artist but I love learning about capturing ideas and perspective quickly in a visual manner. I had the pleasure of learning with individuals who I would consider to be artists and excellent conceptual planners but felt that my participation was just as valuable. The experience for me was one of honouring my capacity to learn the craft at my own pace. Sure there were people that were better and more driven to produce. I never once felt that I had to keep up, rather, was coached to be where I was at and this made the experience very rich and enjoyable.

MMM is of particular use to someone, like me, who is in a position of facilitation, process planning, recorder of meetings, instruction and lesson planning. Was invaluable and the visual way of working has become a very important part of my life. I encourage you to dive in and embrace The Magic Marker Mastermind. You will learn a lot, enjoy what you are learning and be able to help others along the way too. Christina Merkley makes sure of that!”

Francesca de Bastiani
Facilitator, Trainer & Curriculum Developer
Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada