Going Back to Basics

Well, I’m writing AND posting (myself) a blog post. Haven’t done that alone for a few years now. It’s an important development (for me) that reflects a SHIFT going on within me.  The shift is about getting back to basics and about enjoying, as much as possible, my life.  The precious time I have been given to live this life as this particular person/personality that I currently am.

I’m choosing to simplify a few things.  SHIFTing the business from the brand of “SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc” to the brand of me, Christina Merkley.  From the business model of a company to more the business model of a person or point of view.  Condensing things so I can focus more on the things that are important to me, and less on things that aren’t or that leave me feeling pressured.


I think a few things preceded this SHIFT.  First, I ‘lost’ a member of my family and I watched a person close to me lose his Mom.  I put lost in parenthesis because my view on death doesn’t include losing someone, more like we gain them in a new way.  However these experiences drove poignantly home how limited our time can be in the physical (how short a lifetime, even a relatively long one, is).  And it also drove home the importance of the choices one makes and how some choices can have huge ramifications on the quality of one’s life overall. On our ability to be who we are and to fulfill what we wanted to accomplish in our time.  And our ability to have fun, joy and light.

The other thing that I can see had a big impact on the return to basics that I am committing to – is attending the Abraham-Hicks “Landcruise” in Mexico last month.  I really heard Abraham’s message about how we walk around feeling (on a habitual basis) is what we are going to get.  That it becomes imperative to get that feeling as good as we can get it.  To deliberately take control of that.  I’ve been following the Abraham material for over a decade, but something about the message (and my ability to integrate it) has kicked in a new gear.  I’m getting ‘selfish’ about how I feel.  That it’s imperative to take time out for myself for the things that make me feel good … things that bring calm, peace, tranquility and happiness.  Cause like attracts like.  And how I feel is up to me – dependent on the things that I focus on and put priority on.

The other thing that has been a component in this shift is social media.  In the course of my career as a Process Professional who uses the internet to share her message and attract her clients, the role of social media has exploded.  As has its complexity.  Social media used to be fun for me.  It used to be something that I enjoyed.  But with the explosion of all the various channels (blog, Flickr, Linked In, Facebook (x2), Twitter, Pinterest … these are the ones we currently use) … it slowly became to feel weighty.  Because of the highly visual and aesthetic nature of my work it was important how each of the channels looked.  We tried bulk distributors of content (like Hootsuite) but they didn’t work for us.  So we had to do those manually.  And it was kind of hit and miss about how effectively we did this.  So I began to feel behind or unsatisfied about our/my use of it.


Sooooo, I’m going back to basics.  I’m going back to the things that made me/us successful in the first place.  I’m going back to writing.  I’m going back to having time. I’m going back to reading, pondering, writing and sharing — having the delicious luxury of doing that, before I start my regular day.  And I’m gonna do it through the blog (something I haven’t done since the good ol’ days) … and we’ll see about creating a more effective way to run that blog content thru our various social media channels. And, if we can’t get that to be easy, we’ll close some of them out.  Life is too short to be bogged down by a bunch of silly details.

Also, as I look at this page of words (with no visuals) I’m giving up the need to make everything visually appealing.  Yes, part of what I’m known for is the use of visuals in process work with groups and individuals. And that will never change.  I will always use visuals in my courses and events.  However, for my return to regular writing, I’m gonna make it ok for there not to always be visuals.  Its ok for me to just have words at times, if that is what wants to happen.  🙂


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