This morning was an ‘interesting’ experience. Not only had I messed up on the timing of a client session (I was strolling along with JJ by the ocean instead of hooked up to Webex … so sorry Marion!) but my assistant Pat had one of those ‘OMG, I can’t believe I just did that’ moments.   Thankfully, according to Mindscape, all is going to turn out well.

sad faceWhat did she do?   Well, just a little thing like completely delete our client database (7000 contacts). Poor woman, she could barely get the words out when she called me. In trying to delete a few wayward spammers, she inadvertently flushed our whole list (every single soul who has ever signed up for my zine or bought a service or product). Gulp!

Pat’s a very talented jill-of-all-trades and has a heart of gold (those of you who interact with her can attest to that). She was very distraught but managed to croak out ‘work order’ and ‘reboot’ or something. The gist was she will have to request the staff of our shopping cart to try to reconfigure our list. She isn’t sure if it will go back into the neat little clusters that it was organized into though or how long it will take.

I’m not going to lie.   My heart pretty much stopped for a moment. Twelve years of cumulative work ya know … I’m primarily an online business and our list is the heartbeat of the company. But I know from my Law of Attraction studies that the worst thing I can do is allow my emotions and mood to get out of whack. I have to control my wobble!

Thankfully I’m coming off five amazing days. Three days of training where I learned a new tool, and two days facilitating the final retreat for this year’s Magic Marker Mastermind cohort (where I taught them the aforementioned tool).

What’s the tool?   It’s a BodyTalk protocol called Mindscape (BodyTalk is an energy medicine methodology that I’ve been studying since November). In a nutshell, it’s an ‘inner technology’ …that allows one to create and use a tailormade ‘healing space’ or ‘workshop’. It’s a way to access the brillance of your sub-conscious mind … and both local and non-local consciousness. And, you can bring ANYTHING to your workshop … even database debacles!

mindscape recording

Graphic Recording of Sylvia Muiznieks’ Mindspace Overview


Sooooooo, I entered my Inner Workshop (through meditative and visualization techiniques) and brought the database issue to the forefront. And waited to see what would happen. Quite quickly I got a response. The clock in my workshop whirled backwards, to earlier this morning when everything was normal — a time when our full, plump nice database list existed in all its pristine glory.

Then, I felt hands kneading my shoulders (I tend to carry my tension there). And I was shown Pat being lead back into the depths of the workshop, where a spa suddenly sprang into existence. She was lead to a massage table, mani/pedi zone and finally a hot tub. Hmmmm, I think she was even given a glass of bubbly and a fluffy white robe and slippers! Seems non-local intelligence wanted her to relax about the boo boo (she takes them WAY too hard) and get the full pamper treatment! And then, a bouquet of roses hovered in front of my eyes, angling so I could smell them. Smell the roses!

Soooooo, I can only surmise from that lovely imagery that all is well. This little debacle is resolving  itself nicely. I gotta say, I feel better. Nice calm feeling has descended. I REALLY like this new Mindspace tool! So much I’ve book the seaplane to hop over for the advanced workshop this weekend in Vancouver!

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