More Spirit Animals: Otter Family and Heron

Had a spectacular stroll and beach sit down this morning on Dallas Road (beach and dog walk area on south side of pretty Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where I live).

dallas skyI made a conscious decision back in 2001, to return to Vancouver Island (having spent my high school and undergrad years here). It’s a GORGEOUS place and I like its special energy … for anybody who’s familiar with the Mists of Avalon books (well, its Avalon … haha). You have to cross water to get here, whether by sea or air … pass through the veil so to speak. Perfect for the deep kind of reflection containers I hold in my coaching and spiritual work.   Plus hey, I’m a Cancerian / Moon child so water is my territory (literally and symbolically).

On our morning walks I’m always alert to what shows up from the natural world. Even though we’re a little city, it’s amazing how much wildlife is out and about. I pay attention to which animals show themselves because I know they are a match somehow to my own energy. Mirrors for what is brewing inside.

sea ottersA few weeks ago we were treated to an Orca Whale and Eagles. This morning we had a special treat … the low tide exposed a cluster of seaweed tangled rocks where an otter family was cavorting — a mama and some young ones by the looks of it. Could see slick shapes tossing fish around and poking up their heads to watch that the dogs on shore didn’t come too close. Then, further down the beach, as we took a little break on a log, a lovely big heron came swooping in … plunked itself down in front of us and promptly snagged a little fish. Gulp, down in one tilt of its graceful neck.

Here’s Ted Andrew’s Animal Speak interpretation:

Otter (Use Skills)

Others recognize your skills. Use your creativity and your skills in new ways. Make sure you can work and have fun at the same time.

 heronHeron (Be Assertive)

Assert yourself when opportunities appear. Change is coming anyway so act with self-reliance. Take advantage of changes.

Haha, kind of perfect.   About to take a few weeks off and the ‘next phase’ is on my mind. What’s next? What wants to come through now?   I can feel something shaping up (feel a pressure on the top right of my being … up there in the crown / 8th chakra area). My sign for something significant about to funnel down into the physical. A bit of an uncomfortable feeling to some extent (cause my left brain wants to KNOW everything, even before it happens!). However my right brain knows it will reveal itself when its suppose to. Can’t and shouldn’t force the process.

Ahhhhhh, the knack of trusting one’s process. I’ll do my best to just breathe into that for now.

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