JJ and I Support Orange Shirt Day

We Support Orange Shirt Day

We Support Orange Shirt Day

Its a cute photo, but its NOT a cute issue.

JJ and I  support ORANGE SHIRT DAY.

This day is a sign of support, acknowledgement and love for the Canadian First Nations children who were harmed in residential schools  (and the adults they grew up to be and the deeply significant impact that rippling trauma had throughout an already vulnerable population).

My heart goes out to the many people I know (and have known) who suffer the generational effects of this very terrible chapter of Canadian history.  And the racism, trauma and resiliency challenges that unfortunately still occur.

I am so blessed by the amazing FN clients I have the pleasure of working with and have born witness to some of the deep pain that is held within them and their families (and their Orphans within).  And I strongly champion your gorgeous path of healing, power and integration.

Blessings on your journey and much love to your ancestors.  May we all learn and grow.

Love, Christina


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